Information - CALPADS SINF0059 - New Validation on the US School Enrollment Date - Updated 10/30/2018

Update - the following article has been posted regarding the CALPADS error:  SINF0059 - Invalid Student Age for Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12

There is a new  CALPADS validation on the US School Enrollment Date that is generating CALPADS SINF0059 errors.

The Student Initial US School Enrollment Date must be greater than 4 years from the Student Birth Date.  

CALPADS recommends using the Kindergarten start date instead of the Preschool start date for the Initial US School Enrollment Date.

The US School Enrollment Date (LAC.USS) field is located on the Language page.

By doing this, I am getting a new fatal error SINF0060 - Student initial us school enrollment date k-12 greater than current date plus 6 months.  I am also going to reach out to CalPads but wanted to let you guys know that this advice is leading to another fatal.

This is the response I got from CalPads...PS students should not have a US school entry date populated

Hi Heather,
The Initial US School Enrollment Date should not be populated for students who are not 4 years old and above. The system validates if the student was 4 years old at the time of the reported US initial enrollment date. If the students are less than 4 (probably still in PS) the best process to is to not report that date until that student is 4 years old or older. If the student is now older than 4, please use a date after he/she turned 4.

From the CALPADS File Specifications (Forms) v9.3

Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12DT8The date of a student's first enrollment in a kindergarten through twelfth grade public or private school (including any home schooling in grades K-12)  in the United States of America and Puerto Rico. This does NOT include United States territories.N/AFormat: CCYYMMDD, e.g. 200810251) Must be greater than Student Birth Date

2) Must be less than or equal to current date plus six months
If (Student Grade Level Code = K thru 12, UE, or US)
If Student Birth Country Code not equal to US or PR or English Language Acquisition Status = EL
Then Y; 
Else N

Thank you Heather for the information.  We will evaluate this and confirm with our CALPADS sources.

Ya, but the US Date is a required field. When I tried to take the date out for a pre-schooler, I got an Aeries error message that said the date is required. I typed in 00/00/0000 and that error message went away and nothing is visible in the field. I'm wondering, however, if that will create a different fatal error when I upload again. Any advice?

Hi Linda,

Since the Initial US School date field is only required for K - 12 students, CALPADS is recommending not populating the field for pre-schoolers.  The Define Required Field would need to be removed for the LAC.USS field.  

We will be adding a check to the Student Data Audit report to warn if the date is populated for pre-schoolers and also to warn if the date is missing or less than 4 years from the birthdate for K-12 students.

Yes, Kathy, I already removed the date.  However, Aeries would not allow the field to be blank, so the only way I removed the date once it was populated was to type 00/00/0000. That seems to have worked.


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