Known Issue - Master Schedule Copy Process to Move or Copy Students Before CAR is Initialized - Fixed 8/31/2018

UPDATE: The fix for this issue was released in the August 31, 2018 update.

Known Issue - The Master Schedule process to Copy a section is not working correctly to Copy or Move Students before Attendance (ATT) and Course Attendance (CAR) is initialized.  A section can be copied when using the "Do not copy/move Students" but when trying to Copy or Move students, the process does not complete.  Programming is looking into this now.  

Work Around -  a 2 step process can be done to Copy/create a new section and then copy or move the students into the new section:

  1. Use the Copy button to Copy and create a new section with the option "Do not copy/move Students"
  2. Use the "Move students to another class" process when on the original section and enter the new section number.   Click on the "Move Students" or "Copy Students" buttons to move or copy the students.

The process works correctly once Attendance (ATT) and Course Attendance (CAR) is initialized. 

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