Known Issue - Letter Text Editor html markup - Fixed 8/24/2018

UPDATE: The fix for this issue was released in the August 24, 2018 update.

Since the 8/17/2018 version of Aeries, editing any text on the Letter Text Editor page will result in linebreaks being removed, and html markup being added to the letters like the screenshot below. This markup will also display on any printed letters.

It is advised to not make any changes to the letter texts until this issue has been resolved. Programming is working to resolve this issue promptly.

Note: This issue only affects customers on the 8/17/2018 version, and will only affect customers if changes are made to the letter text.

If the letter text editor has been modified, the data could be manually corrected in the SQL database as a workaround if necessary.

Unfortunately, I just edited one of our attendance letters.  Do I need to submit a ticket to have this corrected in SQL?  We are hosted.

Thank you.

Yes, if you'd like assistance in correcting this issue before the fix is released, please submit a ticket with support and they can assist you.

What do I need to do to fix the letters if I wait for the update from 08.24.18? 

After the 8/24 update is applied, you just need to confirm that your letter text looks good when printed, or adjust accordingly. Nothing further should be necessary.

My letters still have the html markup and is hard to make changes to the letters. Is there a way to have to fix them without having to manually do it again? We have 6 letters in English and 6 letters in Spanish and 9 schools. 

We are hosted and now on 8.31 and our letters do not look any different than when we were on 8.17

Sarah and Nelisa, you should be able to edit the letters by removing the unwanted html markup that was created when the letters were edited on the 8/17 version. It sounds like you've been working with Aeries Support, so they should be able to assist you with this further if needed.

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