Known Issue - CALPADS Direct Certification Import Issue - Fixed 8/17/2018

UPDATE: The fix for this issue was released in the August 17, 2018 update.

Known Issue - The CALPADS Direct Certification Import is failing to update the Free and Reduced table.

The Select, Load and Review buttons are working correctly but fails on the Update.  No email is sent and the FRE table is not updating.

Programming is working on this now.  

This issue is still not fixed.  I having the same exact issue when I attempt to import the DC list from CALAPDS.  So is there a time frame that this will be fixed?

Thank you -

They fixed it in the most recent update.  Are you hosted?  If so, the update won't be implemented until Tuesday night I believe which is possibly why you haven't seen the fix?

Thank for getting back to me.  I figured out that you must used the .txt file that gets exported from CALPADS.

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