Aeries Revision Notes 8/10/2018

Titan IntegrationThe Single-Sign-On for parents into Titan was not working, fixed.
Ineligibility Listing and Grade Report Exception Listing reportsAdditional support for Numeric Grade Marks has been added to the options pages for these reports.
District RulesThe "Transferring a Student requires User to have Student Administer permission" rule on this page has been reworded to properly convey its intended use: "Transferring (Copy Student) from the District Student Lookup (Multi-Year District Search) requires User to have Student Administer permission". This rule has no effect on transferring from the Student Demographics page during the "Add" process.
Academic PlanStudents did not have the ability to delete a course that they added themselves without Counselor approval of that addition first. Now they can.
AnalyticsIn certain circumstances, the student names were not exported to Excel, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationNewly added contact fields which use dropdown lists were not retaining their current value in edit mode, fixed.
Student Asset Check-In and Staff Check-InThese pages were not displaying student and staff name when checking in, fixed. Also, student fee warnings were not being displayed on the Student Check-In page, fixed.
Letter TextsThe following pages were not working correctly when logged in to a new school with no students, fixed: Discipline Letter Text Editor, Fee Letter Text Editor, Graduation Status Letter Text Editor, Letter Text Editor (for attendance letters), Physical Fitness Letter Text Editor, Suspension Letter Text Editor.
Students with Incomplete Class Schedules reportThis report was not permitting the selection of period 0, fixed.
Fixed CodesThe Fixed Codes system has been modified to handle code sets that are specific to different regions.
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