Information - Number Formatting in Excel Reports

UPDATE: This issue was fixed on the Query to Excel report with the August 17 Aeries update. Other reports are still affected.

Since the July 27 Aeries update, most numeric fields on reports throughout the system are being formatted as text when the report is exported in Excel format. This includes Query results that are exported to Excel. When the Excel file is opened, the user may see a green triangle in the corner of the cells. Selecting a cell will show a trace error button (the button with the yellow icon with the exclamation mark). This is illustrated in the image below:

This is not necessarily a problem for simply viewing the data; however, the affected cells cannot be properly used in formulas until they are converted to a numeric format. As a workaround, the user can select all of the affected cells and use the trace error button to select the Convert to Number option. If the affected cells are not in contiguous columns, it may be necessary to repeat this for one column at a time.

Programming is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Due to the broad scope of this issue, and the necessity to implement the fix on each report individually, our current focus is only on the exporting of Query results to Excel. If there is a particular report for which this issue is causing a significant burden for your school or district, please submit a support ticket including the name of the report so the programming team can prioritize additional reports to be fixed.

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