Aeries Revision Notes 8/3/2018

Analytics DashboardUsers can now add / edit / copy / delete dashboard or dashboard item directly on this page using a new user-friendly wizard style and drag and drop. Also, the summary of the indicator definition associated with a chart item is also available for reference by selecting the "I" button located at the top right corner of the chart. Also, a link to the Student Indicator Details page has been added to the Students list by clicking on the student name. Also, the threshold range is available on the Students list. Also, the page was scrolled to the bottom on load, fixed.
Item DefinitionsThe Copy button is now available to add new definition by copying existing definition. Also, the Score Field dropdown has been removed for CST type indicator since CST.RS is the only score field in CST table.
Student Indicator DetailsThe options to "Show LCAP" and "Only show Early Warning Indicators" have been added to this page.
LCAP DashboardsThe ELPAC dashboard has been added to support the new ELPAC test. To update the LCAP Dashboards, the Update button needs to be selected on the Analytics System Config page.
Schedule All StudentsScheduling All Students now supports large schools and complex schedules by eliminating the "Timeout" of the scheduler. A Progress Bar has been added to show the status of the scheduling process. In addition, the Scheduler and all buttons on this page now support Query KEEP/SKIP. This means that subsets of students can be scheduled independently from other students. Schedules can be locked and unlocked based on those same subgroups of students. Also, the wording of the "Lock All Non-Reject Schedules" has been changed to be "Lock All Complete Schedules" and the logic has been adjusted accordingly. Previously a student with a new course request that had not been scheduled would have their schedule locked erroneously. The "Lock All" button now works in a similar way and will only lock SSS records that have a Section Number populated. Also, now the Grade Range in SMS is fully enforced. A Grade Range of 0-0 was previously interpreted as "All Grades" but is now interpreted as "Kindergarten Only". Also, when Scheduling Alternates, there was the possibility of overloading classes, fixed. Also, there is a new button to "Clear All Unlocked Scheduling Results" that will remove scheduled sections from unlocked course request records. This is useful if you want to start over with a clean slate or do this for a subgroup of students. There is also another new button to "Clear Scheduling Reject Reasons". Also, another major new feature has been added: the ability to "Disable Scheduling All Students". This new setting is available to users with "Admin" permissions to the SMS table. This is very useful when mass scheduling has been complete and individual students are being worked on. Disable Scheduling All Students so that someone does not accidentally undo a bunch of work completed by counseling staff.
SMS Board - Schedule StudentsThis process now also uses the same "timeout-free" scheduling method that Schedule All Students uses. It also supports Query KEEP/SKIP to only process a subset of students.
TranscriptsA new security area called "Transcript Comment" was introduced to allow more granular control over access to this field. The Graduation Track field was added to this page as read-only. In addition, access to the Grad Track field on all pages is now controlled by the HSG permission. Today’s AdminCS update will grant users appropriate permissions to these areas based on their current HIS permissions. Also, the Graduation Status field on this page is now highlighted when the State Reporting Highlights are on.
Language Assessment - Test TabThe CELDT Test page has been renamed to State Tests and now supports ELPAC tests in addition to CELDT.
OneRoster v1.1An error occurred when the category section was omitted from the PUT LineItems payload, fixed. Also, the token lifespan has been reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppNotifications were sometimes not generated when an account was in a restricted state, fixed. Also, field level security to STU.CU for Portal Accounts was not being honored in the app, fixed. These adjustments were made in the server-side API. No update to the Aeries Mobile Portal app is required.
Resources/Assets pageAfter adding a new Asset, New Items were being linked to the first asset instead of the one that was just created, fixed. Also, the "# Items" and "Available Items" are now read only as they are calculated fields.
Parent Account ManagementOn rare occasions, it was possible for an account to not have a "Type", fixed.
QueryCON.NP field now displaying as "Notification Preference" instead of "Notify".
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