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Aeries Revision Notes 7/27/2018

  • Import Test Results - This page has been updated to allow importing the 2017-18 CAASPP Test results. The import will accept the .csv file format. Import Test Results
  • System-wide - The Aeries development environment has been updated to run the latest Visual Studio 2017, Active Reports 12 SP1, KendoUI, AjaxControlToolkit, and a few other third-party libraries. The Active Reports upgrade fixes how various reports export to Excel, most notably the Scheduling Class Load Analysis and the Supplemental Attendance Report.
  • Aeries Communications - Users can now filter by Language Fluency. Also, blank rows in CSV syncs weren’t handled properly, fixed. Also, students without birth date failed to sync, fixed.
  • Attendance History - The hourly period fields have been added to this page for hourly attendance schools. The Grade field now also displays on the page. Also, the page has been enhanced to display data in Grid or Card view.
  • Attendance History Configuration - A new option to include Enrollment Totals in the nightly process has been added to this page.
  • Parent Data Confirmation - Additional contact fields including Notification Preference, Attendance Notification, Access to Portal, and several others can now be configured for parents to update in Parent Data Confirmation. AdminCS will automatically add deny permissions to the parent portal group for these fields if they have not been explicitly set to read or deny prior to running this update to avoid exposing additional fields to parents unexpectedly. Since the 7/20 version, Authorizations and Medical History were displaying as already confirmed and not generating new data confirmation log (ICL) records when parents did not have update rights to those tables, fixed. Update rights are now required for parents to be able to use the authorizations or medical history steps. AdminCS will automatically grant update rights to authorizations and/or medical history in cases where they have not been explicitly denied access to those areas. Also, on the contacts step the "Email Address is locked" message wording has been updated for clarity. It is recommended that customers review their security and Portal Options for Parent Data Confirmation to ensure it displays to parents as intended.
  • SMS Board - Course number or Course name with hyphen was causing an error when adding/editing a section, fixed. Also, removing rejected students on the Rejected Students popup wasn’t working, fixed. Also, minor visual adjustments have been made to this page.
  • Graduation Requirements - The waived credits were not reflecting in HSG accurately, fixed.
  • DecisionInsite - The single sign-on security has been enhanced to safeguard against unwanted access.
  • Monthly Attendance Summary Report - This report now includes an asterisk next to Column H indicating it has been reduced by the number of days with an ADA Make-Up code.
  • Monthly Attendance Report - This report now includes an asterisk next to absence code indicating a day with ADA Make-up code.
  • Bell Scheduler - This page would not allow adding an additional bell schedule in a school without any students, fixed.
  • Calendar - This page was not properly highlighting a custom Bell Schedule on the third Friday of a month, fixed.
  • Monthly Attendance Summary Analysis Report - This report column widths adjusted to accommodate larger numbers.
  • CAHSEE Scores - This page has been removed from the Parent Portal navigation.
  • CELDT Pre-Identification - This page has been removed from the navigation.
  • Copy Many Student Records - This process would not copy students into a school which did not already contain a teacher zero record, fixed.
  • Print Student Counts (Census Day) Report - When running this report from the school, all the STU.CIC values were blanked out, regardless of the school the user was logged into, fixed.
  • Daily Absence List /4 Weeks - This report was printing Parent Conference (+) indicators over absence codes, fixed.
  • Fees and Fines - The fee letter types were not displaying when clicking on the "Print Fee Letter" button, fixed.
  • CAASPP Paperless Scores - This report did not download properly when using certain mobile browsers, fixed.
  • Student Disability Graph Report - The student counts for the disability codes were incorrect, fixed.
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