Known Issue - Parent Data Confirmation Medical History and Authorizations - Fixed 7/27/2018

UPDATE: The fix for this issue was released on July 27, 2018 and requires an Aeries Web version update and an Aeries Client version update.

An issue has been reported affecting Parent Data Confirmation, a feature of the Aeries Parent Portal.

Since the 7/20/2018 version of Aeries, parents will see a green check mark next to the Medical History and/or Authorizations tabs before the parent starts the process. The parent can complete the process normally, and Medical History and Authorization data are saved accurately to the database. However, when they click Confirm and Continue, no corresponding Data Confirmation Log (ICL table) records are created for either MHS or AUT. This causes the corresponding Data Confirmation Status report to display blank for those areas.

Note: this issue only affects customers who have parents update Authorizations or Medical History, and who have not granted their parents Update permissions to those areas.

An immediate resolution to this issue is to grant Update permission to Medical History (MHS) and/or Authorizations (AUT) for the Parents Portal Group as appropriate. Granting these permissions will make the steps appear normally to parents and will create ICL records as normal as parents complete the process.

It is recommended that all affected customers make this change immediately if they are offering parents the ability to update Medical History or Authorization data as part of Data Confirmation.

After these permissions have been updated, parents who have already completed Data Confirmation will see the yellow banner prompting them to do Data Confirmation, and the parent can submit the Medical and/or Authorizations tabs again if needed.

Programming has identified the issue, and a more permanent fix will be released as soon as it’s available.

As always, Aeries Support is available for any assistance related to this or any other issue.

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This issue has been resolved with today's 7/27 version of Aeries. Check out the revision notes for details on how this issue was resolved.

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