Aeries Revision Notes 7/20/2018

  • Push and Pull Setup Tables - This is a new page in Aeries Web that was converted from the Aeries Client. The Push and Pull Setup Tables page can be used to mass push and pull data in tables from the district or a school to a select school or all schools. Push and Pull Setup Tables
  • Aeries Financials - Several enhancements and fixes have been made to Aeries Financials. 1) Users can apply a payment to one or more specific fees. 2) All fees are now automatically synced with Edbacker. When navigating from Aeries to the Edbacker payment portal, users can apply their donation or payment to one or more specific fees within the Edbacker payment portal. 3) The Edbacker scheduled process has been adjusted for better performance. 4) When adding a fee, if the description is blank, the system will automatically populate the description with a default value when the record is saved. 5) Changes to FTD were not always including the student ID in the LOG, fixed. 6) The Next Amount Due was displaying -$1.00 as a default value; it is now $0.00. 7) In some circumstances the transaction status field was not populated, fixed. 8) When manually submitting a payment to Edbacker, the Transaction Summary table was not refreshing, fixed. Aeries Financials
  • Student Financial Information - This is a new page available to parents and students. Student Financial Information
  • Parent Portal Home - Visual updates have been made to the Financial Information widget.
  • District Assets Student Check-Out - Student name, replacement cost and student picture are now displaying on this page.
  • District Assets Staff Check-Out - Staff name has been added to this page.
  • Parent Portal Login - Aeries Mobile App icons have been added to the login screen for districts that are mobile app ready. Also, security has been enhanced to lock out the user after numerous failed attempts.
  • Aeries Mobile API - The app was not honoring the "Hide Currently Scheduled Classes for Future Terms from Parents and Students" Portal Option before the new school year began, fixed.
  • Bell Scheduler - This page was displaying both the default and custom schedules in the calendar list for days with custom bell schedules, fixed.
  • Class List by Section / Class Roster Reports - These reports now require permission to the Student Scheduling (SSS) table to run against the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) table.
  • CALPADS Extracts - The Student Attendance extract (STAS) could not extract properly for students who repeatedly changed programs within the same school, fixed. Also, the LTEL import pre-processing has been updated to remove special characters that could prevent the generation of the district file. Also, the link to the documentation for the SELA Extract for TBD students has been updated.
  • Parent Data Confirmation - In certain cases Parent Data Confirmation could not be completed, fixed. After completing Parent Data Confirmation when a parent was locked out of the rest of the portal, the lock out could remain in effect until they refreshed the page, fixed.
  • Demographics - The Competency Test field was not capturing lowercase values properly, fixed.
  • Valid Marks - Visual adjustments have been made to this page.
  • Demographics / Attendance Enrollment / Enrollment History - The dropdown lists have been widened to better fit codes without requiring a horizontal scrollbar.
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