Aeries Revision Notes 7/13/2018

  • Calendar - This page has been redesigned for aesthetics including a new Bell Schedule icon and enhanced legend on both the page and the report. Added logic to warn upon changing of dates when Attendance (ATT) or Course Attendance (CAR) records exist on or after the changed date. When deleting the last month in the calendar the summary list will now be updated to reflect the change.
  • Student Attendance - This page now has the ability to assign ADA for a student who made-up an absence without removing or changing the existing absence code. The Attendance Notes pop-up will include a new set of ADA-related fields: ADA Code, Date, and Comment. These fields can be used to track make-up dates such as Saturday School or After-School make-up. These new fields will only display once a code is defined for ATT.ADA in the Update Code Table form, and only on days with an absence set in the All Day field. Student Attendance
  • CALPADS Extracts - The SELA TBD extract has been added under the Identifiers tab for summer ELPAC testing. For more information please check the CALPADS Extract, Identifier Tab "Create SELA Extract TBD Students" document. Also, in rare cases, the Enrollment extract (SENR) had the potential to not include the last student processed, fixed. In the Discipline extract (SDIS), codes 102 and 103 were being included as firearms, fixed. CALPADS Extracts
  • Monthly Attendance Summary Report - This report now includes Unverified Absences, Independent Study Incomplete, and Independent Study Complete using a new "legal" option (allowing room for the additional fields). Also, the report now accounts for the ADA make-up flag.
  • Bell Scheduler - This page now includes Instructional Time and Total Time for each schedule.
  • Aeries Mobile API - Modifications have been made to support the upcoming version of the Android and iOS app features. Also, the "Do Not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parents/Students" option was not honored in the app, fixed.
  • Attendance - The description of Attendance Code 140 has been changed from "Left - Next school unknown (truant)" to "Truant - Next school unknown".
  • Scheduling Letter to Parent / Scheduling Course Request Letter to Parent - These letters now support STU fields such as TL.
  • Various pages / reports - Visual enhancements have been made to the “Scheduling Using Next Year's Grade Levels” warning labels on various pages and reports.
  • Student Demographics / Database Definitions - The STU fields FN, LN and MN had incorrect character lengths, fixed.
  • Grade Report Mark Verification Listing Report - 10 digit student ID would word wrap to a second line in some instances, fixed.
  • Print Students with Excused Absences / Print Hourly Attendance CDS Reports - Under special circumstances, these reports were not printing correctly, fixed.
  • Siblings - The Siblings page and report were not honoring the "Do Not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parents/Students" option in the Parent/Student Portal, fixed.
  • Google Integration - Generating OUs based on graduation year would create invalid OUs when a calendar was not set up, fixed.
  • Student Import - Visual adjustments have been made to this page. Also, an error was generated when importing mailing address without a street number, fixed.
  • Mass Add Student Related Data - For fields that store time values, the input control is now a proper time picker instead of a text box.
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