Aeries Revision Notes 7/10/2018

  • Portal Options - A new option has been added to configure the Income Survey to use next year's eligibility guidelines instead of the current year. Also, an option to hide the signature line on the emergency card has been added. Portal Options
  • Income Survey - 2018-2019 eligibility guidelines were not correctly displaying to parents, fixed. When adding a new FRE record, an existing, active FRE record would be closed as of the current date; now it will be closed as of yesterday's date to avoid overlaps.
  • Records Transfer - Testing data now includes ELPAC.
  • SMS Board - Users were unable to modify existing sections because the Save button was disabled, fixed
  • Student Demographics - The address validation logic would clear out Residence School and Next School fields when a valid street record was not found, despite District Rules being set to not change these values, fixed.
  • Various pages /reports - The following deprecated ABI-related pages have been removed from Aeries: Web Users and Create Temporary ABI Accounts. Also Print Students Without Portal Accounts no longer offers to include WEB accounts.

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