Known Issue - Data Confirmation Income Survey - Wrong Income Levels for 2018-2019 - Fixed 7/10/2018

UPDATE: The fix for this issue was released on July 10, 2018 and requires an Aeries Web version update and an Aeries Client version update. After applying the updates, the Income Survey can safely be enabled in Portal Options. Also, if you have not yet done the New Year Rollover and plan to use the Income Survey in the 2017-2018 database, you will most likely want to turn on the new option to "Use eligibility guidelines for next year instead of this year." Documentation for Data Confirmation configuration has been updated accordingly. Click here for documentation.

Please note that when AdminCS is run with the Aeries Client update, all Income Survey transactions that have already taken place will effectively be undone, including changes to the FRE table. Any parent who has already completed the Income Survey will be prompted to complete Data Confirmation when they login to the Aeries Portal. This way, the correct Income Survey data can be gathered anew. Only the Income Survey and Final Data Confirmation steps will be reset; parents will not be required to re-do any other steps they have already completed.

The Data Confirmation Income Survey was released in the June 15 Aeries update. We have discovered that the federal income levels for Free and Reduced meals have been misconfigured within Aeries. During the Data Confirmation process, the Income Survey options are presented to parents incorrectly, as illustrated in the image below.

Due to the incorrect options being presented, it is possible that erroneous Free and Reduced (FRE table) records will be created as parents may not know which option they are supposed to choose.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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