Aeries Revision Notes 6/29/2018

  • Data Confirmation - Income Survey - Parents who have not completed the income survey are now able to continue and decline to respond to the survey. Also, the income survey configuration now has another custom text option which allows districts to customize the popup message that displays to parents when they continue without having filled out this survey. Income Survey
  • Aeries Reporting - Some advanced debugging tools have been enhanced to assist in monitoring the Aeries Hosted Environment.
  • Assertive Discipline - The "504 Plan" field on this page has been removed (although will display if a record had a value populated). This page now displays a student's 504 status based on the date of the Assertive Discipline incident.
  • Behavioral Emergency - A "School of Incident" field has been added to this table, page, and report.
  • Public API v3 - The InsertAssignment endpoint encountered an error when the ExternalID was blank, fixed.
  • Aeries Mobile Portal App - Newly linked students were not always showing up in the app in a timely manner, fixed.
  • Student Transcripts - When including College Articulations in the Things to Print area, multiple college articulations for a course are now displayed instead of just a single college.
  • New Year Rollover - The label that says "You will receive an email when it has completed" will now appear in an info box instead of an alert box to visually distinguish this message from the various error messages that could appear instead.
  • CALPADS Extracts - The student discipline extract (SDIS) was creating duplicate records if the student had an inactive record and also a pre-enrolled record in the same school (same student id, different student number), fixed.
  • Master Schedule Editing and SMS Builder - Period/Block combinations greater than 10 were resulting in scheduling errors. Warnings and conditions added to prevent occurrence.
  • Teacher Briefcase / Student Backpack - Adjustments have been made to safeguard against unintended file sharing[or access].
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