Aeries Revision Notes 6/15/2018

  • Portal Usage Log - This page was originally named System Access Log. It has been modified to allow school staff as well as teachers to view parent and student usage of both the Parent/Student Portal and the Aeries Mobile Portal app.
  • Multi Student Search - A new page that uses a list of Student Names or IDs copied and pasted from a source such as Excel or a TXT file to search for students. It includes options to keep or group the result. Student Search
  • Parent Data Confirmation - A new step has been added for Parent Income Survey. This survey allows parents to select an income range based on the amount of family members in their household. The income survey will add a free and reduced record for these parents. The option to use this survey will default to disabled, and eligible schools may enable the survey through the portal options screen. Parent Data Confirmation
  • Portal Options - A new tab has been added under "Parent Data Changing" to configure the Parent Income Survey. To use the survey, it must be enabled under Portal Options, and also the Portal Group for Parents must have Insert to FRE.
  • Free and Reduced - Two new fields (Parent Income Survey Response Level – FRE.PIR, and Parent Income Survey Response Date – FRE.PDT) have been added to display results from the Parent Income Survey. PIR values are displayed with a numeric value of 1 - 3 which correlates to the three low, mid, high income ranges displayed to the parents. These new fields are not editable since they are populated as part of the parent data confirmation process. Also, the Lunch Type Code (FRE.CD) and Source (FRE.SRC) fields have been modified to honor fixed codes in addition to code-table values. When using the Income Survey, codes for FRE.CD used are R = Reduced, F = Free, and N = Not Eligible. 
  • Scheduling Reject Analysis Listing Report - This report wasn't working when the option to "Sort by Counselor" was selected, fixed.
  • Aeries Mobile Portal API - Modifications have been made to support the upcoming version of the Android and iOS app features. Also, the following issues were fixed: 1) Users with an expired password were not receiving a notification. 2) Students were shown as restricted if they attended two schools and one of the schools didn’t grant any permission. 3) Expired Google accounts were able to log in but were not able to see any screens.
  • Course Requests - The Parent and Student Portal was not honoring the Portal Option to "Hide Scheduling Results from Students and Parents", fixed.
  • Various reports - The Class Period Absence Listing, Class Period Absence Summary, and Period Absence Audit reports have been adjusted to only be available to Period Attendance schools, fixed.
  • Aeries Communications - When a user first onboards with Aeries Communications they would not be returned to Aeries from their Single Sign On with Signal Kit, fixed.
  • Standards Based Report Cards - ELPAC Test Results are now available to be printed in the Language Information area on the report cards.

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