Aeries Revision Notes 6/8/2018

  • Financial Transactions - This page now includes District Asset integration on the Add Fee and Details pop-ups. Aeries Financials documentation has been updated.
  • Financial Accounting Codes - This is a new page where accounting codes can be defined for each transaction code (FTD.CD).
  • Mass Add Checked-Out Items to Financials - This is a new page integrating District Assets and Financials.
  • Mass Add Checked-Out Items to Fees - This page was renamed from "Mass Add Checked-Out Fees".
  • Mass Add Financial Transactions - Removed the Red Flag as this page isn't student-related.
  • District Rules - This page includes a new option to "Use Financials (Instead of Fees and Fines)." Enabling this option will remove all "Fee" pages and reports from the navigation menu. District Rules documentation has been updated.
  • Attendance Submission Log - This page was not displaying data for period attendance schools, fixed.
  • Copy Students into Summer Schools - The "Disable Access to All Schools Except Summer Schools in the Summer Database" option when copying students in the NEW database was delete tagging admin records, now it limits to non-admin records. Also, the process to "Copy Students into Summer Schools in the NEW Database" was skipping pre-enrolled students, fixed.
  • Summer School Course Requests - The section input field is now a dropdown. Also, assigning a pre-scheduled summer school section number will now validate if the section is inactive.
  • Students with Double Periods Report - Wrong summer school course requests were displaying when same student numbers existed in different schools, fixed.
  • State Seal of Biliteracy - This page has been updated to include the ELPAC proficiency level in the calculation. It will first try to locate the ELPAC test and if it is not available, it will use--only for the 2017 school year--the CELDT test. Because the 'ELPAC Proficient Level' is not clearly defined, a dropdown has been added to the page to allow the districts to select it. By default, it is set to 4.
  • Attendance Letter - When a Letter ID exists as a portion of another Letter ID (e.g. "Tardy" and "Tardy Truant"), the letter had the potential to miss printing students or print the wrong letter part for a student, fixed.
  • Standards Based Grades by Teacher / Teacher SBG - Added an informational message when using advanced formatting: When pasting a comment from an external document please use "Paste as plain text" as not all formatting is supported in Aeries. Space is limited and while there is not a defined character count, long comments may be truncated on the printed report card.
  • Student Demographics - Modified the Sibling Lookup area to reduce the weight given to contact name matching criteria. Also, the matching process had the potential to display contact records that had no matching criteria, fixed. These changes also affect the Contacts and Siblings pages.
  • District Resources / Assets - The Resource Item Status (DRI.ST) dropdown list now only allows predefined fixed codes.
  • CAASPP Paperless Scores - The URL has been updated to point to the ETS production site to allow access to the test scores.
  • Physical Fitness Extract - The Code Translations header had the potential to envelop the Create Extract and File Download headers, fixed.
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