Aeries Revision Notes 6/1/2018

  • Import Test Results - This page has been updated to allow importing the new ELPAC test scores. The import will accept both file formats: .dat and .csv. Also, the Test Scores, Test Details, and Profile pages have been updated to include the ELPAC test. The AP file layout title has also been updated to indicate that it can continue to be used to import AP test results in the 2018-19 school year. Import Test Results
  • New Year Rollover - The New Year Rollover now includes a new option to Lockout All Users during the process. This option will not kick-out users already logged into Aeries, but it will keep users from logging in while the rollover is running. The new logic to copy Custom Tables defined in the CTD table was not copying all indexes and foreign key constraints, fixed. New Year Rollover
  • Pre-Rollover Audit Listing Report - Report Tags (aka Query Tags) have been added to this report.
  • Missing Students Report - The option to include "Only Students under 25" has been updated to honor the age defined in New Year Rollover settings for each school (ROL.UWA).
  • Print Student Counts (Census Day) - The “Print Student Counts (CBEDS)” reports have been renamed, but they still will be accessible when filtering by "CBEDS".
  • Courses - The “CBEDS #” field has been renamed to “State Course Code” on the tab – California Specific Fields tab.
  • CALPADS Extracts - Several adjustments have been made to the page. The Discipline extract (SDIS) has been adjusted to pull the Disciplinary Action Modification (EXP.EMC) when a student has a suspension. It was only extracting for expulsions. The STAS extract has also been adjusted to process translated values for grade range 01-12. Other Options tab - Renamed "Home/Hospital Instruction" list to "STU.SP values for STAS Exempt".
  • Copy Students into Summer Schools - A new message will display at the top of this page to remind the users to run the scheduler before running the Copy Students process if not all requests have been scheduled.
  • Scheduling Reject Analysis Listing Report - Wrong summer school course requests were displaying when same student numbers existed in different schools, fixed. Also, the "Sort by Counselor" option will be disabled if the Summer School Scheduling option is enabled for a summer school. The Student ID instead of Student Number will display if the report is run against a summer school.
  • District Resources / Assets - The Mass Add Items process now supports alphanumeric characters, spaces, and leading zeros when incrementing barcodes. Also, minor visual adjustments have been made to this page.
  • Dental - The Visible Fillings (DNT.VF) and Visible Cavities (DNT.VC) dropdown lists now allow combined fixed codes (Yes and No) and user-defined codes. The Visible Fillings field has been increased to 2-characters to match the size of the Visible Cavities field.
  • Recompute Grade Reporting GPAs and Class Rank - This process has been modified to allow the Grade Reporting GPAs (GRG) table to be ID-based.
  • Master Schedule - The Instruction Strategy codes have been updated to match CALPADs codes.
  • Courses - The warning on the “Course Composites” tab has been updated to indicate that full support for composite courses will not be added until the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Standards Based Report Cards - The 3-mark report card was showing the Mark 4 columns under Attendance, fixed.
  • Physical Fitness Test Error Report - This report was not properly honoring the Physical Fitness Setup (PFS) values when run from the District, fixed.
  • Scheduling Letter - This report now sorts by period then term when the report option "Print quarter grid instead of list" is not selected
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