Aeries Revision Notes 5/25/2018

  • New Year Rollover - The New Year Rollover has been updated for the 2018-19 Rollover. New options have been added including "Copy custom SQL modules" (ROL.CCS), which will copy custom SQL modules such as views, functions, stored procedures, etc for customers who have extensively customized their Aeries SQL database. The existing "Only copy Student (STU) records under 25 years of age" has been modified to allow a user-defined age (ROL.UWA), defaulting to 25. The Grade Reporting GPAs table (GRG) is now ID-based in the new year and logic has been added to convert data during the rollover. For Custom Tables defined in the CTD table, the SQL Table definition, Indexes, Constraints, Triggers, and Extended Properties will be created in the new year database prior to copying the data. The Processes tab now includes a new AdminCS Maintenance Functions summary of last run dates for: Repair Indexes and Relationships, Force Cascading DEL Tags, and Database Cleanup. Please note that this section will not be visible to our hosted clients. Logic has also been added to automatically run "Force Cascading Del Tags" to ensure no orphans exist prior to the rollover. The rollover process will now ensure that teacher zero exists at all schools, recalculate SMS Totals for secondary schools, bypass copying expired substitute teacher accounts, clean up portal accounts, and clear out data in Supplemental Attendance Session Linked MST Section (ATS.MSE). The Copy Inactives process has been enhanced to ensure that the most recent inactive record for a student will be copied. The "Only copy Student (STU) records under (nn) years of age" logic now also applies to the Copy Inactives process. New Year Rollover
  • Pre Rollover Audit Listing report - A new option has been added to "Include Students Not Pre-Enrolled in Next School". Also, the option to "Include Students Concurrently Enrolled" wasn't saving, fixed.
  • Missing Student Report - When there are no students to report, the report will now print an empty list instead of giving an error.
  • Siblings - The Student Profile links from this page will now automatically change schools when selecting a sibling who is in a different school. This change also affects the profile links on District Asset pages that display students with fees.
  • CALPADS Extracts - The logic handling the storage of temporary files has been adjusted. Instead of saving files in a temp folder on the web server, the files will now be saved in Aeries Reporting (FileStore).
  • Mass Update Graduation Status - This page has been enhanced to support KEEP/SKIP statements. Also, the Competency Tests could not work when running from the district even if the tests were consistent amongst all the schools, fixed.
  • Security - Enhancements have been made to Aeries to allow system administrators to set flags that will lock out non-admins from the system or make all non-admin access read-only. Please note that this requires manual addition of specific records to the SQL database. Security
  • Physical Fitness Tests - This page was not allowing changing the Upper Body "Test Taken" field to Modified Pull Ups (PFT.UB=4), fixed.
  • Course Request Tally report - Horizontal lines on this report were not printing in all situations, fixed.
  • SchoolCity Suite - SchoolCity Suite branding has been updated to reflect recent SchoolCity changes.
  • Scheduling Letter Text Editor - Users were not able to edit the Scheduling Letter if a school had no students, fixed.
  • Course Request Letter Text Editor - Users were not able to edit the Scheduling Letter if a school has no students, fixed.
  • Interventions - This page was giving an error when the Interventions tables were not ID-based, fixed.
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