Online Enrollment Update - 5/25/2018

Printing Confirmation Page Printing this page now includes custom text.  Also, some alignment issues have been corrected.
Contact Relationship This field is now properly translated on all pages where it is displayed.
Language Information This page can now be removed by a system admin from the steps required by parents.
Confirmation page The Student Mailing Address now displays even if a Residence Address is not   populated.
General Supplemental and Authorization questions now display better, especially when questions or answers on the confirmation page are very long.
Eligibility pageRequired Information will no longer show hard-coded text if custom text was configured.
AdminDatabase name now displays correctly for hosted environments.  Also, admin users were not able to change their own password, fixed.
Parent InformationThe "Resident Parent Information" page has been renamed to "Parent Information".
Resuming an     Enrollment Users were sometimes not able to resume an enrollment properly when the Supplemental page was disabled, fixed.
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