Known Issue - Online Enrollment Mailing Address Issue - Fixed 7/24/2018

An issue has been reported with Aeries Online Enrollment on the Student Address page when parents choose the option to specify a mailing address that is different than the resident address entered and the mailing address starts with a non-numeric value such as PO Box 123, or 123A Main St. This address does not display on the confirmation page to parents, nor does it get imported into Aeries.

Programming is researching ways to resolve this issue. Once a resolution has been determined, it will be released in an upcoming Online Enrollment update.

A SQL query could be run against the Online Enrollment database to find records where mailing addresses the parent specified may not have been imported. Note: this query will return all enrollments ever imported into Aeries.

WHERE MA2 <> '' AND MA1 = -1 AND RES = 'T'

This issue will be resolved with today's Aeries update, which will be posted shortly.

I just wanted to provide an update on this issue. This issue has been partially fixed as of the 5/25/2018 version of Aeries Online Enrollment. The mailing address is now properly displayed on the confirmation page. The Import process in Aeries Web still needs to be addressed, and a programmer is currently working on a fix for that issue.

Hi Jennifer, you may want to verify that the script is being run against your Online Enrollment (AeriesRegistration) database, not the regular Aeries DST database. That is most likey why you would get invalid column errors. I see you also put in a ticket with support for this, so they may be responding to you there as well.

Hi Kevin:

I am getting an error:

Invalid column name "MA2"

Thank you,

Jennifer Welch


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