Aeries Revision Notes 5/4/2018

Service LearningMajor enhancements have been made to Service Learning in Aeries.  Multiple Service Learning Areas can now be defined and linked to students.  Also, there is now an option to enable "banking" of extra hours as well as the ability to allow parents to perform part of the total service learning hour requirements.  Organizations now must be linked to Service Learning Areas.  Also, now hours can not be logged by students for unapproved organizations.  They can log their hours after the organization is approved.  Also, the logic to pro-rate the required hours for students enrolled part of the current year has been improved.  Also, information about the ability to bank or not bank hours is now displayed to students and parents.
Course Requests NewThis page has been adjusted for better system performance.  Previously, this page would run slowly for students with a high number of course requests.  The interface has been adjusted slightly to display records being edited in a "pop-in window".  This design is common with all newly designed pages in Aeries.  The "Old" pages using the old data entry design are still available, but only until the beginning of the 18-19 school year.
Attendance Exit ReasonsCode 170 (Secondary Enrollment Exit) has been added to the Attendance Exit Reasons.
Financial Statement reportThis is a new report designed for use with Aeries Financials.  It will display the next payment date information and any charges that have occurred.
Financial Payment Listing reportThis is a new report designed for use with Aeries Financials.  It includes payment details with various sorting, grouping, and filtering options.
Financial Arrears reportThis is a new report designed for use with Aeries Financials.  It prints a detailed list and summary of past due payments.
Student DemographicsAdding a student will now create a blank Language Assessment (LAC) record for the student, similar to how Supplemental (SUP), Secondary Student Data (SSD), and Immunizations (IMM) have default records added.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SCSC and CRSC extracts have been adjusted to honor the Transcript Dual Enrollment field (HIS.SDE).  A virtual section will be created for these college courses.  Also, adjusted the SPRG extract to close all open participation programs 101, 108, 113, 122, 162, 174 and 185.  The programs will start to be closed 30 days before the end of the school year, using the last day of school.
Database Table Information reportThis is a new report available through View All Reports as well as a Print button on the Database Definitions page.
Aeries CommunicationsAs of 4/30: ADA compliance throughout the system has been improved.  Also, after modifying the "Feed" version of content, the system would not update the content for other modalities and languages, fixed.  Also, additional back-end logging has been added to the system to monitor API requests.  Also, duplicate objects were sometimes created for feed content if the email content had not been modified, fixed.
System LoggingDecimal fields were commonly being logged as having been changed due to comparison with trailing zeroes, fixed.
OneRoster v1.1Adjustments have been made to handle certain invalid data in Aeries. The PUT LineItems endpoint encountered an error when the due date did not belong to any gradebook term, fixed. The GET Enrollment endpoint encountered an error when the Enrollment start or end date was null, fixed. Also, the Demographics CSV file did not handle null student birthdates, fixed.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppModifications have been made to support the upcoming version of the Android and iOS app features.
Records TransferAPI calls are now logged to the WRL table.
Student Transcripts reportFuture Trimester and Quarter classes now show correctly as work in progress on the transcript.  Also on the Transcript Definition page, the "Show Work in Progress" option of "Show Spring Classes in Fall Sem?" has been renamed to "Show Future Terms".
Parent/Student PortalWhen a parent account logs in, the Primary Student ID (PWA.PID) associated with the account will now determine which student record is selected by default.  Also, the "Forgot Password" process will now display a warning to students whose accounts are using Google Authentication, informing them that their password cannot be reset within Aeries.
Table Field DescriptionsField titles for over 100 fields have been updated to be more descriptive of what the field represents. The titles are displayed in various places in the Aeries system, notably Query and the Update Code Tables page.
CSF Eligibility ReportCourses flagged as non-academic, but still on a CSF Course List, are now included for CSF points.
Update Academic Plan Course OptionsThis page will now always show all courses leaving no need for users to maintain and refresh the page for course table changes.
Classes OldWhen Editing a class, the new section was allowed to be overfilled without the user having the right security permissions, fixed.
Gradebook Add AssignmentThe process to "Push New Assignment to Selected Gradebooks" has been modified to use the highest assignment number from each linked group or unlinked gradebook as the new assignment number.  This doesn't apply to current linked group or current gradebook.
Standards Based Report CardsThis report was giving a "Culture" error under special circumstances, fixed.
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