Aeries Revision Notes 4/27/2018

Today's update has some awesome new features:

Aeries Mobile Portal AppThe school/district search has been adjusted to better handle typos, partial name searches and zip code searches.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppA more descriptive message has been added when an incorrect username or password is used to log in.  The wrong user id was being recorded in the [LOG] table when parents/students used the app, fixed.  More modifications have been added to support new and enhanced upcoming Android and iOS app features.
USPS Zip Code Lookup / Student DemographicsDistricts now have the option to sign up for and use the free USPS API, allowing quick ZIP+4 lookups on the Student Demographics page. This feature can be enabled on the District Options area of the School Options page.
Custom TablesSignificant enhancements have been made to the Custom Tables feature in Aeries.  (1) One-to-Many student-related custom tables are now supported to allow greater flexibility in the creation of custom tables.  One-to-Many custom tables must have a Sequence Number column [SQ] defined in the SQL database.  (2) Custom tables now use Read, Insert, Update, and Delete permissions (previously only Read and Update were actually used).  (3) The custom table page now utilizes a new layout optimized for data consumption and easy data editing.  (4) The Define Custom Tables page has been totally redesigned for visual improvements and a better user experience.  (5) Relationship Type and Order By fields have been added to the Define Custom Tables page.  (6) There is a new option on the Define Custom Tables page to indicate that the custom table is actually a SQL View.  The functional difference is that a SQL View will always be read-only in Aeries but can bring data from different areas of Aeries to build a customized student data view for end users.  (7) In Security, the "Custom Tables" heading was missing from the Permissions form when "Display Current Permissions" was checked, fixed.  (8) In Query, the primary key fields (e.g., ID, SC, SN, SQ) of custom tables are now available in Query. Previously only the non-primary key fields defined via the Define Custom Tables page were available in Query.
CAASPP Paperless ScoresAeries is working with a set of pilot districts this year to test the upcoming "CAASPP Paperless Reporting System" from ETS.  This update includes features visible only the pilot districts.
Class Roster reportWhen printing for selected sections, Section Numbers, Teacher Names and Course Titles can now be entered to search for matches.  This should make filtering the lists easy.  Also, a new sort option has been added: "Sort by Course Name - Student".
Transcript DefinitionsThis page includes two new options: "Name Under Transcript Title" which can be set to School Name (default), District Name, or Reporting Home School; and "Home School instead of Current School?" within the Work in Progress section.  The Student Transcript report will honor these new options when printed.  The page has also been redesigned for aesthetics.
Physical Fitness Error ReportThis report includes a new option to Sort on Teacher/Section.  Also modified to allow Sort by Teacher/Period, Teacher/Course, and Teacher/Section in Elementary with MST schools.  Also, the option to Sort on Teacher/Course wasn't page-breaking correctly, fixed.
Physical Fitness Test Results ReportThis report now includes an asterisk to indicate an inactive student when they are included.
Language AssessmentThe order of the Home Language Survey fields has been adjusted to match the recommended order from the CDE.  Also, the Start and End Date fields have been relabeled "EL Start Date" and "EL End Date" to better clarify the use of the dates.
Summer School TermsThe "No Summer Schools Defined!" message will display instead of an error when there were no summer schools, fixed.  Also, the following labels have been changed: "Term" to "Summer School Term", "Add Summer Term" to "Add Summer School Term", "Available Schools" to "Feeder Schools", "Actual Term" to "Scheduling Term".  Also, a note has been added to the Scheduling Term dropdown on the edit popup.  Also, moved the "All" and "None" buttons to underneath the Feeder Schools list instead of at the bottom of the form.
Summer School CoursesThe "No Summer Schools Defined!" message will display instead of an error when there were no summer schools, fixed.  Also, changed "Term" label to "Summer School Term".
Course RequestsThe Summer School Course Requests section will be read-only after the Copy Students into Summer Schools process has been run.  Also, the "Period Conflict" error was generated when manually adding 2 sections with the same period but different terms, fixed.
Mass Change Course RequestThis page now supports Summer School Course Request (SSR).  Only change and delete are supported at this time.  To mass add summer course requests, users can use the Mass Add Student Related Data page in the regular schools.
Supplemental Attendance Summary and ReportThese reports have been enhanced with drastic performance improvements, particularly for schools with numerous supplemental attendance records.
Student DemographicsOld logic has been removed to offer sibling matching after updating a student's primary telephone in preference to the new Sibling Lookup that was recently released.
Student DocumentsThe "Related To" drop-down was not saving if the selected table name was 4 characters, fixed.  Today's Aeries Client update increases the size of DOC.TY from 3 to 4 characters which will support relating documents to custom tables.
QueryUnder certain conditions, a "LIST STU" Query with an "IF" clause was not limiting results to the current school, fixed.
Portal OptionsSince the 4/19 version the Academic Plan option were not saving, fixed.
TeachersA typo on this page has been fixed.
Attendance EnrollmentVarious visual changes have been made to this page, including making the Reason dropdown wider to show content without scrolling.
Physical Fitness by Teacher / Teacher PFTAfter clicking the Print Roster button, changing a drop-down field such as "Issues" was not saving the change to the database, fixed.
Select Students for ReportsThe Select All Students button found on many reports including the Student Discipline Report/DIS was giving an incorrect total, fixed.
TourA typo was fixed on the Intro Tour.
Parent Data ConfirmationVisual updates such as font consistency have been made to this page. Also, phone number inputs were too narrow to display all the digits, fixed.
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