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Importing IB test scores into College Entrance Aeries

Does anyone have imported or mass add the IB test results into the College Entrance form - *Other* tab? We can get a text fixed Length file with Name, dob, and test scores information. Is it a way to match this records with the SIS? or someone has a procedure in place. Please advise.

thank you

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I have done this for two years now.  It is a clunky process, since Aeries does not have a place for the IB scores, you have to fiddle with the score data you get so it will 'fit' into Aeries.  I put our test scores in the CTS table.  I've attached the instructions I have used -- feel free to edit as you need to.  We have only one of our schools that is an IB school, so we only load the results into that school.

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