Aeries Revision Notes 4/19/2018

  • OneRoster v1.1 - Major enhancements have been made to the OneRoster API and CSV extract. Elementary schools without a master schedule are now fully supported in API and CSV. The Demographics endpoints have been added to the API, and the demographics file is now available in the CSV extract. The OneRoster v1.1 Configuration page now allows districts to choose which CSV files to be extracted and sent to the vendors, and also to customize the User.sourcedId, User.username, and User.userIds (note: changes will affect both CSV and API). Buttons for "Run Now and Email" and "Run Now and Upload" were added to allow districts to test the extract or to send the files immediately to the vendors. Also, the following issues were fixed: 1) User.sourcedId was modified to return unique records for each person rather than using a school-based format. The old sourcedId format is still usable in API requests for backward compatibility. 2) The CSV manifest did not have the correct information in the case where files were skipped due to having no data. 3) Boolean values in CSV files were not in the correct case. 4) The Orgs endpoint was not including the schools. 5) The PutCategory, PutLineItem and PutResult functions were not properly handling input, and the HTTP code was 200 instead of 201 when adding a new item.  OneRoster CSV Extract   OneRoster API
  • Aeries Mobile API - Aeries Web has been updated to support the following future Aeries Mobile Portal app features: users will be able to view system notifications and through them SSO into the parent/student web portal, also a modification has been made to the Report Card History endpoint.
  • Military Survey Audit / Residence Survey Audit - When parents submit a negative response their survey response may now be used to close out an existing PGM record. A positive response will not allow for creating a duplicate PGM record. In cases where a portal account no longer exists their survey responses will still be visible on this audit page, and will display with a message indicating that the account no longer exists. Participation dates are not needed and have been removed.
  • Data Confirmation Status Report - A new column has been added for final data confirmation. Also, final data confirmation must have been completed for students to display as complete on this report.
  • Parent Data Confirmation - The hard-coded text "PLEASE CONFIRM THAT THE INFORMATION ON THE PREVIOUS TABS IS CORRECT" has been removed and now only displays if no custom text exists for "Data Confirmation Comment" in portal options. Both the “Data Confirmation Comment” and the “Final Data Confirmation” comment were both displaying before and after the parent confirmed, fixed. The “Data Confirmation Comment” now displays only before final confirmation, and the “Final Data Confirmation” comment now displays only after final confirmation. It is advised that both comments be reviewed in Portal Options to be sure they are still relevant. The dropdown lists were not displaying translated values, fixed.
  • Aeries Navigation - The Information Confirmation Status report and page have been renamed to Data Confirmation Status.
  • CAASPP Export Files - An invalid semi-colon was being included at the end of the Science Glossary for Tagalog and English code, fixed.
  • District Resource Assets - The Alert popup has been removed when adding new asset item.
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