Aeries Revision Notes 3/30/2018

School OptionsA new school option has been added to record the College Board School Code of each school. This will be used by the Cal Grant GPA Extract, which will be released in an update soon.
SecurityExpiring and disabling security groups is now supported.
Physical Fitness TestsThis page will no longer allow saving a record without a Testing Admin and Test Date. Also, it will no longer update the Physical Fitness status fields (PFO5, PFO7, and PFO9) in the Testing Pass Status table (TPS) if the record is unable to be saved (e.g. missing Test Date).
Teacher PFT and Physical   Fitness by TeacherA new "Print Roster" button has been added to these pages, providing a printable version of the page for manual entry of fitness information.
Physical Fitness Test Results   ReportThis report now includes an option to "Include Inactive Students".
Physical Fitness Test Error   ReportThis report now includes an option to "Hide Race/Ethnicity Warnings".
Attendance Audit Listing   reportThis report will no longer display the "Student has a Dropout code but has attendance data at another school" error for leave reason 460 (Home School - non-affiliated) as it is no longer considered a dropout code. This change also applies to the Status area of the Student Demographics page.
Apple School Manager Extract"BETA" has been removed from the page title and navigation menu for this page. Also, the students.csv file sometimes encountered an error when processing concurrently enrolled students, fixed.
Attendance Submission Log   PageThe IE browser was caching data for this page, preventing the data from refreshing after logging in to a different school, fixed. Also, this page and report have been made more efficient in how they communicate with the SQL database.
Import Test Results/Unmatched   Students ReportThis report was not working properly in all situations,   fixed. Also, logic has been added to print unmatched students from SAT test   results and to include the CDS code or the school name when available.
State Seal of BiliteracyThis page was not displaying results when finding an active and a pre-enrolled student record with the same student id, fixed.
Letter Log reportThis report was not filtering correctly, fixed.
Lunch Count reportThis report was not displaying carriage returns (new lines) properly, fixed.
Teacher AttendanceLunch count information on previous days was not displaying new lines of data properly in the lunch count notes - fixed.
Attendance by Photo (New)The tardy code (T) was showing as an option to teachers even though the code was not populated in Portal Options, fixed. Also, an extra default seating chart was being created for the same period under   certain procedures taken by the teacher, fixed.
Aeries CommunicationsAeries Communications would not display when a parent's email address was linked to multiple Signal Kit accounts, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIAeries Communications was not visible for users whose email address was linked to multiple parent accounts in Signal Kit, fixed.
New Year RolloverThis process was not properly clearing out the Summer School Course Request options from the prior year, fixed.
Master Schedule and Teachers   pagesThe "Copy" process had the potential to duplicate Course Attendance (CAR) records, fixed. Also, these processes were not honoring Alternate Ed Scheduling where the Classes Course (SEC.CN) had been changed from the Master Schedule Course (MST.CN).
Create Pre-Enrolled StudentsThis page would not allow adding students from a school with an inactive tag (LOC.TG) despite being able to select that school to copy from, fixed.
Academic PlanApostrophes in the subject area definitions in graduation requirements were preventing the academic plan from displaying,   fixed. Also, the "Accept Changes" button is now active in both  "Pending Approval" and "Pending Submission" states to   handle cases of no submission by a student. Also, by default the plan will now show portal and user changes. Also, changed the "Needed   Credits" column to "Credits Needed/Required" to show both the remaining credits needed and the total credits required.
CSU Eligibility ReportThis report would sometimes generate an error when run against a previous year database, fixed.
Students Continuously   Enrolled reportA new sort option has been added to this report to "Sort by Name." This report could also give inaccurate results when run from the district level when looking for school continuity. Also, various reported issues with this report have been resolved.
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