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Aeries Revision Notes 3/16/2018

  • Mass Assign Family Keys - This page now includes a new option to only process Contacts based on "Primary Contact" flag (CON.PC = 'Y') under Contact Processing Options. Enhanced the matching process to better handle multiple matching criteria and reduce the weight given to "Last Name" matching criteria, providing more realistic sibling matches. The Sibling Lookup area was not enabling the "Match to Selected Family Key" button in IE, fixed. Also attempting a second match after selecting a sibling was not refreshing the list of potential siblings, fixed. These changes also affect the Sibling Lookup area on the Student Demographics, Contacts, and Siblings pages. Mass Assign Family Keys
  • State Seal of Biliteracy - Students processed for State Seal of Biliteracy eligibility can now be queried. Also, students who qualify will now be tagged with a "QF" in RTG.QT. State Seal of Biliteracy
  • Aeries Mobile Portal API - Google Sign In for Students is now available for districts that use Google credentials. Also, Report Card History endpoints have also been added for the next feature set of the app. The “Hide the Overall Percentage” and “Display the Final Mark to Parents/Students” gradebook options are now supported in the app.
  • OAuth 2 - The Aeries OneRoster 1.1 API now supports the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials flow. OneRoster API Authentication
  • School Options - Teacher 0 is now automatically added to any newly created school.
  • Block Schedule Calendar - This page is now available for Elementary w/MST schools.
  • Referrals to Interventions and Referrals Approval - Visual improvements have been made to these pages. Also, longer comments are no longer being cut off.
  • Referrals to Intervention - Inactive and deleted Prior Interventions codes were displaying when adding a new referral to intervention record, fixed.
  • Student-Related Pages - The Attendance Program 2 field was showing the value of Attendance Program 1 in the Additional Info tab, fixed.
  • Standards Based Report Cards - When printing for "All" grades, only students with Standards Based Grade (SBG) records will be included in order to support schools that use Standards Based Grading for lower grades and Grade Reporting (GRD) for upper grades. Also, the Student Grade drop-down now only includes grade levels in which students have SBG records.
  • Custom Report - A 'Suppress Page Breaks' option is now available that can be used to toggle on or off the standard page break on Custom reports.
  • Special Programs - When entering a new PGM record with code 135 (Title 1 Part C Migrant), the Migrant ID (SSD.MID/SSD.MIG) fields were not saving, fixed. Also entering a new PGM record with a code of 190 (Foster), the Foster ID (SSD.FID) was not saving. Also, if a Migrant program already existed and a new one was being added, the Migrant ID did not display, fixed.
  • Standards Based Options - This page will now allow clearing out the report card type from a grade level in order to support schools that use Standards Based Grading for lower grades and Grade Reporting (GRD) for upper grades.
  • Physical Fitness Tests - This page will no longer allow records to be added without a Testing Date.
  • Physical Fitness Test Error - This report would not run when encountering a student without a Physical Fitness Testing Date, fixed. Added logic to ensure "Student missing Physical Fitness data" would not show for inactive students or for the same student more than once. Also fixed the report margins to better fit the page.
  • Define Email Text - Update permission to LTR is now required to edit the Email Text. Also, the Define Email Text menu in the Aeries Navigation was requiring Read permission to LTL instead of LTR, fixed.
  • Mass Change Period Absences - When only adding an Attendance Note and not adding Period Absences, the Attendance Note was saving with a blank date, fixed. Also, this page has been visually enhanced.
  • Interventions - The Referred by field is now accepting names not existing in the dropdown list.
  • Suspension Letter Report - The footer can now display long text in multiple lines.
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