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Aeries Gradebook Performance

We have teachers reporting performance issues in Aeries Gradebook in regards to grades disappearing.

On the list-serve, other districts reported having similar experiences with grades, and attendance, intermittently disappearing.

A couple of districts responded that Aeries recommended to "disable session keep alive for teachers" in the Portal Options settings.  What does this feature do? 

Thanks! Debbie 

This feature basically keeps the session "alive" meaning Aeries will not log the user out after a period of inactivity (usually 20 minutes) like it normally would. The keep alive is available on the Teacher Gradebook pages. Support is probably suggesting you disable the keepalive feature in an attempt to narrow down any potential issues with teachers staying logged in an extended amount of time. An argument could also be made that it is good practice to let your user's sessions timeout naturally anyway for security reasons.

So, the teachers have the ability to keep their session alive with a setting on their Teacher Gradebook pages?

And, if we/admin check the box in portal settings to "disable session keep alive for teachers" it will disable that ability for teachers?  

The teachers do not have any options in this regard. If the admin disables the keep alive by checking the box, the teachers gradebook page will timeout. If it is left unchecked, the teacher will not automatically be logged out.

Ok! Thank You for the explanation!

Should we "check the box?"  Could this have anything to do with the disappearing grades that are being reported?

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Yes i have experienced this and blamed our network with having temporary connection issues. Now that i too have read the thread, i would like to know if i should just turn it on all together to avoid any issues of grades "disappearing". With that said, is the keep alive set for the standards based report card pages or just gradebook? I get the complaints of that page along with the comments disappearing. Thanks.

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