Aeries Revision Notes 3/9/2018

Aeries CommunicationsFlexible Email Content is now available in Aeries Communications. A full WYSIWYG editor is now available that includes text formatting, links to text and images, embedded images, custom subject line, flexible "To" selection, copy-paste formatting from Word and Google Docs, and more.
Course Reference Summary   reportThis report will now always process data across the entire district and no longer offer a school selection. This will ensure that the report counts match the "References" button on the Courses page.
Various LettersAddress blocks have been updated to no longer include a period between State and Zipcode per USPS recommendations.
Google ClassroomAPI calls to Google have been reduced to increase system performance.
Online HelpThe master Help file has been synced from website.
Aeries AnalyticsThe Attendance Percentage indicator type was not honoring the district analytics rule "Student Program Codes (STU.SP) to be excluded from the Analytic process" when the "Calculate Attendance History Through Current Day" option was enabled, fixed.
504 PlansThe new fields (Meeting Date, Consent to Evaluate, Safeguards, and Authorization) are now included when copying a plan, and the new date fields have been moved closer to the yes/no fields to clarify their use. Also, the highlight state reporting fields feature now highlights Effective Date and Leave Date to clearly identify their use with state reporting. Also, the 504 Page and report were giving errors when some fields were unpopulated, fixed.
Update Academic Plan Course   OptionsThe buttons to populate, update, and tag courses were not working, fixed.
Academic Plan Course   SequencesThe course drop down was displaying undefined entries and persisting a filter, fixed.
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