Known Issue - 504 Plan Report may produce an error - Fixed 3/9/2018

It has been reported that the 504 Plan report may produce an error under some circumstances. After investigating the issue, it was discovered that the 504 Plan report will produce an error and not process if any of the new yes/no fields (Consent to Evaluate, Rights & Safeguards, or Authorization for Exchange of Information) are populated, but the associated date fields to the right are not.

The report will process normally if a date is populated for each yes/no question that is populated.

Programming is currently working on a fix for this issue to allow the report to run properly even though some fields may be blank. Along with this fix, the design of the page will be slightly adjusted to relocate the date fields closer to the yes/no questions to clarify that the date fields correspond to the questions. We are planning to include this fix and enhancement in the next release of Aeries this week.

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The issues with the 504 Plans page described above have been fixed with today's 3/9/2018 update which was just released.

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