Known Issue - Sibling Lookup - Fixed 3/16/2018

Fixed in Aeries Update 3/16/2018

The following issues have been reported with the Sibling Lookup feature that was released on 1/19/2018:

  1. The contact name matching is just using last name. So, two unrelated students with the same last name can end up with a very high match weight because their contacts will also have the same last name, even though no other data elements match.
  2. Valid potential sibling matches may not appear in certain cases.
  3. In some cases, matching fields that should be highlighted are not highlighted when they appear more than once in the list of potential sibling matches.

Please note that these issues do NOT affect the Mass Assign Family Keys process. The issues are only present when using the Sibling Lookup to find potential sibling matches for one student at a time.

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