Aeries Revision Notes 2/16/2018

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Contacts The "New" Contacts now follows DNR settings to hide contact data from parents, students, and teacher. This view is now what parents and students will see when using the portal. Also, the "Old View" would generate an error when trying to edit the first contact record, fixed.
Notification Preferences Notification Preference (CON.NP) codes, which were   previously hard-coded only, now support changing of fixed code descriptions   and adjusting the sort order, in addition to introducing new codes. This new   feature combining hard coded and custom codes will be available for other dropdowns throughout the system in the future. Currently Aeries Communications only considered codes 1 or 2, and any other code is ignored   and presumed do not contact. For Aeries Communications customers, the same codes used in the CON.NP field are also used for the Student Notification Preference (STU.NP) field. These same codes will also display in the parent/student portal as choices for students to select their notification preference. 
Assertive Discipline The label caption of "Student is Special Ed" has been changed to "Student with an IEP" to be consistent with new terminology.
CALPADS Extracts In some cases with the SCSE extract a student could be   linked to a school they were not enrolled in on census day. Also, attendance   code "B" could cause a student to extract as not enrolled on census   day, fixed. Also, with the SASS extract, the school of assignment could be   incorrect for charter schools when the primary school in STF (STF.PSC) was   zero, fixed. Also, with the SELA Import, when loading more than one file, the   file name would not show below the button, fixed. Also, sometimes the school   list would lose the selections, fixed.
Career Pathways Mass Add   Events Many new filter options have been added to this page to help teachers and office staff refine groups of students who should receive Career Pathways Outcomes or Experiences. 
Attendance Notes The label caption for "Record Last Modified by" has been change to "Created by".
Query 108 fields are now available in Query that were missing from various tables. Also, the FTS.PC field has been removed. This field did not actually exist in the database and was added to the queryable fields by mistake. Also, the DDS.OID field was listed as "IOD" by mistake and could not be queried, fixed. Also, the FPP.AT field was coded as boolean but should have been text, fixed.
Student Demographics An error would display when no students were enrolled in a school and Google Integration was turned on, fixed.
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