The Aeries Software Support phone number has been restored to (888) 324-5363 as we have completed our move to a new office.

Aeries Revision Notes 2/9/2018

  • Supplemental Attendance Audit Report - This report will now include exact duplicates for students where the start and end time are the same for a session.
  • Aeries Mobile Portal API - Modifications have been made to support the upcoming version of the Android and iOS app features.
  • Gradebook - If a rubric gradebook associated with standards from two or more sources such as Local and Common Core, and the standards from one of the sources are all top-level standards, the Overall Grade calculation wouldn't include those standards in the calculation, fixed.
  • Alert Thresholds - This feature will now only send alerts triggered on the current day, to prevent a backlog of outdated alerts from being sent in case the Aeries Reporting Service is being started after a period of downtime. Also, not all parents were receiving their intended notifications, fixed.
  • Teacher Logins - Under special circumstances, team teaching teacher accounts were not able to login since last week's update, fixed.
  • CAASPP Export Files - The CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment has been adjusted for HS Science so it now extracts 'Y', 'N' and '' (blank), instead of just 'Y', 'N'.  Click here for details.
  • Discipline - When adding a new record, there was the potential for the Staff ID to be incorrect for the logged-in user, fixed.
  • Pre-Referral Intervention - The staff name will now only link to the Staff page when the user has Read permission to Staff.  When adding a new record, there was the potential for the Staff ID to be incorrect for the logged-in user, fixed.
  • Student Grades - When a student is concurrently enrolled in multiple schools, incorrect comments would sometimes display, fixed.
  • Daily Attendance Report, Monthly Attendance Report, and Monthly Attendance Summary/No YTD - These reports will no longer include the "Apportioned Absence" or "Staff Development Days" columns that were abandoned by the state. Adjusted the remaining columns to better fit the page.
  • Parent Portal - The Graduation Track information was not showing, fixed.
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