Aeries Revision Notes 2/6/2018

  • Aeries Mobile Portal API - The Class Summary was not displaying some classes for certain students, fixed. Also, modifications have been made to support the upcoming version of the Android and iOS app features.
  • Parent Portal - The 'Do Not Contact' option has been added to Notification Preferences.
  • Contacts - The Notification Preference 'None' option has been changed to 'Do Not Contact'. Also, when changing Notification Preference, a confirmation would pop up, even though the associated user has not set a Notification Preference, fixed. Also, under some circumstances, the popup window would not save once confirmed, fixed.
  • EM2 - Users were unable to log in using LDAP, fixed.
  • Student Directory Report - The wide version of this report was not honoring DNR tag, fixed.
  • Manage Parent/Student Accounts - This page was giving an error when blank spaces were entered in the email search, fixed.

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