Aeries Revision Notes 2/2/2018

  • Contacts - A new view of the Contacts page which utilizes a new layout optimized for data consumption and easy data editing is now available. All contacts are listed in one view for easy reading. The first time a user visits the contacts page, they will be presented with a tour. Users can switch between the old and new views by clicking on the new page options menu. The Notification Preference and Attendance Notification fields, which are used with Aeries Communications, are available for use by all customers. For Aeries Communications customers, the Notification Preference field is now required. Also, a new Primary Contact yes/no field (CON.PC) has been added. Also, the Entered Date (CON.ED) field which was available in Aeries Client is now available in Aeries web and will automatically populate with the current date when records are added. This field displays along side with the Last Updated field (CON.DTS). If the Lives With field is set to Yes, the user will be prompted to populate the contact's address with the student's address. This page is also now ready for a new "Multi-District Data Sharing" feature that will be released later. Also, when linking contacts data was not always updated, fixed. Also clicking a name on the Full Contact List will redirect the user to the Contact record. Documentation has been updated.
  • CALPADS Log Details - This is a new page that allows to modify the effective date or to delete records with bad data from the Log Details (LGD) table. The users will need permissions to LGD. 
  • CAASPP Export Files - The CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment extract has been updated to include the new 'HS Science' option. 
  • Test Settings - This page has been updated to allow entering the new 'HS Science' option for students in 10th and 11th grade. Click here for details.
  • System Performance - Many changes have been made throughout the system to improve system performance. 
  • Student Demographics - Modified the Sibling Lookup area to no longer auto-expand for students without an assigned Family Key. The Sibling Lookup button will now only display for users with update permission to Siblings. These changes also affect the Contacts and Siblings pages. Also modified the Sibling Lookup area to auto-expand after saving a new student, allowing ease of sibling matching for new students. 
  • District Rules - The new rule that "Transferring a Student requires User to have Student Administer permission” has been moved into the "Student Rules" section with the other transfer-related rules. 
  • CALPADS Extracts - Added logic to prevent a mismatch between section/course id in the SCSE file if the course id in CAR contained lowercase letters for Alternative Ed. Schools. Also added logic in the CRSC/CRSE files to only extract valid values in the Multi-Teacher field 9.25. 
  • Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle - When using the Alternative Ed School option and initializing GRD for only one section and using the CAR option, the process would not work, fixed. 
  • Missing Attendance Report - Daily secondary multi track was not showing for some teachers, fixed. 
  • Attendance Letter - When the "Print all prior dates" option was selected, the dates were inaccurate and if the letter was more than one page it wouldn't print letter dates, fixed. 
  • Gradebook Enters / Leaves - Returning students were not displaying in this window, fixed. 
  • Student Portal - For districts allowing students to create Student Portal accounts using the Verification Code method, students were able to effectively change their email address stored in Aeries (STU.SEM) by creating a new Student Portal account with a different email address, even though the district option to Disable Student Change Email Address was set, fixed. 
  • Manage Parent / Student Accounts - When emulating a parent with no students the last viewed student would display, fixed. Also, the resend confirmation email button will now only display for accounts that were already confirmed. Also, the filter by ID textbox would allow non-numeric characters, fixed. 
  • Standards Based Grade Input - This page was giving an error when no Report Card Types were defined in the COD table for STU.RC, fixed. 
  • Hourly Attendance Report - This report didn't properly handle an empty string ("") vs. a space (" ") in the Track Code, fixed. 
  • System-wide - Additional info has been appended to cache name to increase uniqueness of system caches. Also, the web server name has been added to the Login log entry. The system will now log when the gradebook is read-only.

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