Aeries Revision Notes 1/26/2018

Today's update includes the following enhancements and fixes:
  • Import Test Results - The 2017-18 PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT Electronic Score Reports test results files can now be imported. Both csv and txt files are supported for these test results. Documentation has been updated.
  • Records Transfer - When matching courses for incoming transcripts, those matches can now be based on term. Changes were not saving when modifying incoming transcript records, fixed. Also, the HIS.SRC field will now reflect RT to distinguish records transfer imported records from others. Also, HIS records with School Taken in the district will no longer look at the CHI table for the CDS to send; they will now come directly from what is stored in LOC. Also, phone numbers on incoming records requests now allow formatting and extensions. Also, various typos have been fixed. Records Transfer documentation has been updated.
  • Secondary Standards Based Report Cards - Since full multi-lingual support was added to this report card, they were taking a long time to generate for an entire school. They now process very quickly.
  • Locator Cards - Incorrect teacher names were printing on the bottom right corner when sorted by period, fixed. 
  • Attendance by Photo (New) - The section number on the report was not properly populated, fixed. Also, the auto assign by name feature was not assigning in correct order at times, fixed. Under rare circumstances, the chart was not loaded when the period was changed from the dropdown, fixed. In certain circumstances, a student was missing from the chart or report because two students were sharing one seat, fixed.
  • Print Students with Incomplete Class Schedules Report - This report is now honoring the selected term. 
  • Print Students with More or Less Than N Periods/MST Report - This report is now honoring the selected term. Also, the “Include Students with No Periods” option is available if "Less than" has been selected and if “Include Course Information” has not been checked.
  • Print Summary of Students Report - This report was assuming that all Hispanic students were a race of 700, fixed.
  • Scheduling Master - The “Program”, “Status”, and “SX” fields have been added to match the Client.
  • Master Schedule - The “Program” field has been added to match the Client.
  • Course Requests - When entering student course requests, inactive sections were displaying as available even though they were tagged as Inactive, fixed.
  • Missing Positive Attendance report - This report is now honoring the MST Days of the week.
  • Hourly Attendance report - When using Attendance Program 2 (AP2) the program heading was including the previous page's heading and appending to it, fixed. This had no affect on the report numbers, only the heading was incorrect.
  • Student Demographics - The address validation logic has been enhanced to return street names closer to the original input when an address is not found in the Streets table. This allows the user to more quickly locate the correct street segment. Also, the logic to state "Multiple matches in Street Table!" when an address existed in multiple cities was not implemented on brand new students, fixed.
  • District Student Lookup - This page will now display a ban sign under Copy Student when the current user doesn't have permission to run the process and the student does not exist in the current year. Also, the Immunization report was being secured based on Enrollment (ENR) instead of Immunizations (IMM), fixed. 
  • District Rules - This page now includes a rule that "Transferring a Student requires User to have Student Administer permission” (LOC.R9). This rule applies to both the student Add process and the Copy Student button from the District Student Lookup page. Documentation has been updated.
  • System-wide - The term "BirthDate" has been replaced with "Birthdate" for consistency.
  • College Entrance Requirements - The College Entrance Requirements process was not working when run for all students since last week's update, fixed.
  • Analytics Dashboard - Under certain circumstances, dashboard items were not displaying, fixed. Also, a message will now display if no schools or grades are selected.
  • Various pages - When displaying a list of all tables, the table names were not in alphabetical order, fixed. Note: The STU table is still displayed first by design. This affects forms such as Query and Update Code Table.

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