Aeries Revision Notes 1/19/2017

The following enhancements and fixes have been released in Friday's update:

  • Mass Assign Family Keys - This new page allows mass matching of siblings for any student without a family key. Matching criteria include last names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from both the Students (STU) and Contacts (CON) tables. The page includes options for limiting which contact records are included in the analysis and the ability to create a new family key for any student not matched based on the given criteria. Selecting an individual student from the list of students without family keys will display their potential siblings with a match counter and the ability to manually match the student. The match counter is based on the matching criteria and ranges from 0 to 100. Mass assigning family keys will take the top result for each student and test it against the selected criteria. This new page is secured based on Mass Update to Siblings. Mass Assign Family Keys documentation has been updated.
  • Student Demographics - This page now includes a Sibling Lookup area under the Family Key that will display potential siblings of the current student. Matching fields are highlighted in blue, and when matches are based on a Contact record that detail will display under the student when selected. As new students are added using "Add" or "Import from AIR" they will no longer be automatically assigned to a family. Once the record is saved, the Sibling Lookup will automatically display for students without an assigned family key. This will assist in correctly matching siblings as students are added to the system. The potential matches are based on Student and Contact data and the criteria as defined on the Mass Assign Family Keys page. The Sibling Lookup area exists on the Students, Siblings, and Contacts pages. Also replaced all instances of the terms "Family#" and "Family ID" with "Family Key" for consistency. Documentation on Sibling Lookup is available here.
  • Mass Add Financial Transactions - This new page allows users to add a fee to multiple students. It supports KEEP/SKIP and grade level selection. Read more about this new feature.
  • Aeries Financials - Many enhancements have been made to this feature of Aeries! The Edbacker Payment Portal (campaign) will be created automatically the first time a fee is added to a student's account if Edbacker is enabled and the student has an email address. Add Fee and Add Payment buttons have been added for a cleaner separation of these different transaction types. In addition, the forms for adding and editing transactions have been improved for better usability. The Transaction Summary will now show the progress toward paying off individual fees. A fee can be added to many students at once using the new Mass Add Financial Transactions page. Also, the Payment Schedule report did not display in some browsers, fixed. Aeries Financials documentation is available here.
  • College Entrance Requirements - The College Entrance Requirements process now includes classes taken at other schools. Also, the CSU Eligibility Report would not display all of the transcript grades for a course with 2 transcript grades for the same year and term, fixed. Documentation on the College Entrance Requirements can be found here.
  • District Student Lookup - This page now includes the ability to process Transcript, Enrollment, Immunization, and Copy Student icons for No Show students from previous years. 
  • Medical Insurance Information - New fields for Start Date and End Date have been added to this page. 
  • Aeries Mobile API - New features, assignment grouping and grade predictor, have been added for the upcoming release of both iOS and android apps. Also, non-rubric assignment scores with decimal were incorrectly displayed, fixed. 
  • Custom Tables - Parent and Student accounts with appropriate permissions can now access custom tables. Also, the custom table page now supports Red Flags. Also, the code description will now display next to the code on the custom table page. Also, changes to custom tables were not logged, fixed. Also, the custom table page now supports code value sorting and code inactivation like most other pages in Aeries. Also, custom table fields were not displaying on the Update Code Table page, fixed. 
  • Supplemental Data - School-based codes were not supported on the Supplemental page, fixed. Also, the code description will now display next to the code on the Supplemental page. Also, this page now supports code value sorting and code inactivation like most other pages in Aeries. 
  • District Supplemental Data - The code description will now display next to the code on the District Supplemental page. Also, this page now supports code value sorting and code inactivation like most other pages in Aeries. 
  • Secondary Standards Based Report Card - The Work Habits and Citizenship fields were displaying transposed data, fixed. 
  • Fee Letter To Parent report - This report was not honoring the "Include Inactive Students" option by always including inactive students, fixed. 
  • Fee Letter Text Editor - The LTL.CIS field was not zeroed out when clicking on the "Zero Letter Count" button, and the FEE.LT was only being zeroed out for active students, fixed. 
  • Classroom Attendance - This page was displaying sections where MST.TN2 and MST.TN3 = 0 for teacher 0, fixed. Also, Attendance Code B was not honored, fixed. 
  • Grades by Teacher - This page would not allow editing of secondary standards based grade records when either a student name or course title included an apostrophe, fixed. 
  • Supplemental Attendance Sessions - This page had the potential to display an invalid "Start Time cannot be after the End Time" error when updating Start and End Time, fixed. 
  • Tuition Billing - This area has been removed from the navigation. Tuition Billing is no longer supported and has been replaced by Aeries Financials. 
  • Query Report report - The page numbers were incorrect, fixed. 
  • Aeries Communication - The page layout and header have been improved for mobile devices. 

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