Aeries Revision Notes 1/11/2018

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Transcripts A new field has been added to help with CALPADS reporting of Dual Enrollment courses. The "Dual Enrollment Credit School" field (HIS.SDE) will be used by the CALPADS extracts to identify the college level courses taken by a student. This field allows the "School Taken" to be populated with the Community College while the Dual Enrollment Credit School would be populated with the high school of the student at the time of enrollment. The CALPADS EOY extracts will be adjusted to properly report this information.
Aeries Communications A major new build of Aeries Communications has been released. New Features include the following…
(1) Flexible Announcements: Now send announcements to Voice calls, SMS text or Email, customize content or override machine translation for each modality individually.
(2) SMS Customization: Users can now edit SMS-specific content and translations.
(3) SMS Character Limit: SMS announcement notifications are now capped at a maximum of 480 characters and the system will automatically shorten the default text if no custom content is created. SMS messages are now numbered individually since some carriers may break them into multiple 160-character messages and deliver them out of their original order.
(4) SMS Preview: We've added a new SMS Preview tab which previews SMS content and approximates SMS delivery in multiple 160-character messages.
(5) Email Customization: Machine-translated email content can now be customized. HTML Editor/Newsletter creation coming soon.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes Include…
(1) For voice announcements, our text-to-speech feature is now using best-in-breed voice synthesis, offering dramatically improved quality.
(2) Teachers can now send recorded voice calls to their classes or groups.
(3) Added a new progress indicator to Announcement Creation to clarify our simple Compose -> Customize -> Review process.
(4) Removed the step where users needed to select a "General" or "Emergency" category. "Emergency" announcements are now chosen within the "Customize" stage.
(5) Announcement Detail reporting has been adjusted to support announcements with less than 3 modalities. If a modality was disabled during the creation of the announcement, it will appear as "Disabled" for all users within reports.
(6) Added Turkish and Romanian Text-to-speech support.
(7) Fixed a bug where the Announcement Recipient Filter would not close.
(8) Fixed a bug where the voice system might not leave a message or would add silence at the beginning of the message.
(9) Fixed a bug in MS Edge where users were unable to close voice or text customization tabs.
(10) Fixed a bug in MS IE 11 where announcement creation would load a blank, white screen. 
Student Assets The Asset # and Title fields have been combined into one column, Also, Replacement Cost has been added and descriptions are displayed when hovering over the Condition and code fields. Also, this page is now available to be displayed in the student/parent portal. Also, a print button has been added to this page. Also, the Show Only Assets Still Checked Out checkbox is checked by default.
Staff Assets The Asset # and Title fields have been combined into one column. Also, Replacement Cost has been added and descriptions are displayed when hovering over the Condition and code fields. Also, a print button has been added to this page. Also, the Show Only Assets Still Checked Out checkbox is checked by default.
Resources / Asset Page The search has been enhanced to look for numeric values in the Assets title (e.g.: 1984).
Security Security area descriptions for District Assets and Items have been adjusted for better readability and understanding.
Online Help Hard-coded links to the Aeries Help wiki have been adjusted to go to appropriate Aeries Knowledge Base articles (e.g., Gradebook Score Trend Graph).
Aeries Copyright Year The Copyright Year is now updated automatically on the new year.
Student Demographics The Student Summons Call Slip report can now be quickly printed for an individual student from the Reports button on this page.
Student Information Bar Interdistrict Status has been added to the General tab. Hovering over the status will display the district name. Also, the correspondence language and reporting language are now displayed on the same line.
Course History Institutions Field sizes have been widened and maximum length of fields have been set to improve the ease of data entry.
Transcripts Tabbing to next field when editing a record now sets the correct input focus.
Create Pre-Enrolled Students This page now uses a new "Accordion-style" page layout for displaying sections instead of using tabs.
Transcript When editing a mark and tabbing to next field, the cursor was not properly selecting the text in the credit attempted field, fixed. Also, the term field was changed to display as a dropdown.
Monthly Attendance Summary report This report had the potential to double enrollment numbers when delete-tagged YTD records existed on the SQL Server, fixed.
CASEMIS Import This nightly process was loading Plan Type "15" as "1", fixed.
GATE The status fields on the Referral Details tab were not saving, fixed.
Class Rosters This report was generating an error when called from the Scheduling Master page, fixed.
Daily Apportionment by Month report The data on this report was not always correct when the month started with a holiday, fixed. Also, some programs were being skipped when using in the "Group Program" option, fixed.
Course Requests Under certain circumstances, the Section Number was being reset to 0, fixed.
Missing Attendance Report and Attendance Submission Log Secondary Schools using Daily Attendance were not properly using only the primary teacher/period, fixed.
Server Variables page This hidden page was giving an error since the 12/21 version, fixed.
Medications This page was giving an error when the medication code was "PRN", fixed.
Class Summary Course info was not displaying for gradebooks that didn't have the same term group as the class term group, fixed.
Gradebook Dashboard The sort order of the gradebooks was sometimes incorrect, fixed.
Student Search Student photos were sometimes not displaying when using the student search from the demographics page, fixed.
Favorites Certain reports such as the Summary of Students Report had issues being added to Favorites, fixed.
Graph of Total Students By Teacher report This report, when run from District, was not displaying correct information, fixed. Also, a total of students has been added at the end of each bar to make the results easier to read. Also, elementary schools will now display "Teacher" instead of "Counselor".
Discipline Dashboard ADS codes with a leading "+" sign were not saved in the Edit Codes window, fixed.
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