Aeries Revision Notes 12/21/2017

Aeries Mobile Portal AppAn update to the Android and iOS versions of the Aeries Mobile Portal App was released last week. That update included the ability to view different terms within the Class Summary screen. Also, the Last Updated Date/Time has been added to the Class Summary screen. Specific changes to iOS include: Assignment type was replaced with the assignment category, a cancel button was added to the Link Student screen, fixed where the comment and assignment descriptions were cut off, fixed where certain users encountered a 403 error after logging in, and fixed additional minor bugs. These features require that the Parent/Student Web Portal version be on or after version for them all to be enabled.
Aeries Mobile PortalThis update to Aeries will correct an existing issue in the Aeries Mobile Portal App where a parent would sometimes be warned about incomplete data confirmation in error.
ArmenianThe Aeries Parent Portal and Report Cards now support displaying content in Armenian. It is important that in order for reports to support this language, "Microsoft Sans Serif" version "6.96" or later is required to be installed on the server running the Aeries Reporting Engine. Older versions of that font will result in Armenian characters not displaying.
Report TagsReport Tags (aka Query Tags) have been added to the following reports: Students With N or More Total Period Absences, Students With N or More Total Period Absences/Wide, Student Assertive Discipline Record, Students with More or Less Than N Periods/MST, Grade Report Exception Listing, Ineligibility Listing, UC Eligibility Report, CSU Eligibility Report, and Students with Siblings.
Aeries Analytics InitThe initialization process for Analytics has been updated with a new set of indicators to help districts get started.
Student DemographicsThis page now allows administrators the ability to edit the Old Stu# (STU.ON) and Old Perm ID (STU.OID) fields. The Record Source (STU.RSY) field has also been added as read-only. Also, the address validation logic has been enhanced to better handle streets with direction (i.e 100 North Main Str vs. 100 N Main Str) and to warn that an address is not found when a street is entered without a direction but only exists in the Streets table with a direction (i.e. 100 Main Str instead of 100 N Main Str). Also, the Validate option had the potential to give incorrect address not found warnings when the address exists in multiple cities, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance SessionsThis page will now only list students in the current school on the Students (ATA) tab. The "Add Students from Linked Section" button had the potential to duplicate students added if clicked twice, fixed. Also, logic has been added to ensure a Program is selected when new records are added and will now hide the Program Information header during Add and Edit as that data can change. This page had the potential to error when run on databases with old data types, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance Class RosterThis report will now verify the Starting Date is a Sunday when running the 1-week or 4-week rosters.
Mass Add Student Related DataThis page will now honor school-based codes in dropdown lists when logged into a school.
District Student LookupModified the SQL code used by this feature to better safeguard against malicious input. Also, this page now supports partial birthdate search (month and/or day and/or year).
QueryQuery now lists ADS.RF as "Referrer" instead of "Referral" to match the Assertive Discipline page.
QueryVarious issues have been resolved and enhancements have been made to Aeries Query, including: adding some missing table relationships; adding a New Hide/Show SQL button for admin users; highlighting the query boxes to guide the users; CHANGE command now requires the use of "TO"; not displaying the results for some PID based tables, fixed; issues with page break on Query Report, fixed; problems when querying single character fields, fixed; inability to delete saved queries due to special characters in the name, fixed; disabling the CHANGE command for LOG, ATL, and ASL tables; incorrect display of boolean values in Query Report, fixed; Query to Excel was truncating some fields, fixed.
StaffTeachers with access to the Staff screen are now limited to the Staff ID their account is associated with. Also, the Update Totals button is hidden for teachers.
Account EmulationThere was the potential to see the wrong periods listed as an admin switching between emulation of multiple teachers, fixed. Also, when emulating a user account, the login count and last login date would update; now these fields are only updated when the user logs in as themselves.
Portal OptionsOptions on the text editor for custom content on emergency cards have been adjusted to reflect the rich text features our reports currently support.
Parent Data ConfirmationParents were able to click the confirm button multiple times and cause duplicate contacts, medical, and authorization records to be generated, fixed.
Students with Double Periods reportThis report was not properly handing A/B days, fixed. Also, the period overlap was not showing if the section was blocked for multiple period, fixed.
Web Request LogThis internally used debugging page has been adjusted to allow for better evaluation of the use of the Aeries API and issues that 3rd party vendors might be encountering.
Home PageFor some users with certain view options set, the page would not render properly, fixed.
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