Known Issue - Teacher Grade Range changing - Fixed 12/21/2017

It has been reported by some customers that the Low (TCH.LO) and High (TCH.HI) grade range values have been changed for some seemingly random teachers, in particular, kindergarten teachers.

It has been determined that this happens when running the Force An Update maintenance function in AdminCS. One of the many updates that occur during this process is to copy data from the Teacher Grades (TCH.PD) field to the TCH.LO and TCH.HI fields if both of the fields were zero and the TCH.PD field was populated.

Programming has identified this issue and is working on a fix. In the meantime, to prevent this issue from occurring, any data in the TCH.PD field can be safely removed since the TCH.PD field has not been used by Aeries since 2009. The field is also not visible on the Teachers page of Aeries web.

The following change query can be run in Aeries Web at the District level to remove this data, or to ensure that this field is blank for all teacher records:


CHANGE TCH PD TO (( '' )) IF TCH.PD > " " 


Or the data may be removed from individual teacher records using the Teacher Data/Elementary Classes form in Aeries Client. Once the data is removed, this field should no longer be used.


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This was fixed in the 12/21/2017 version of Aeries Client. Running AdminCS will no longer convert the Teacher Grades field (TCH.PD) to Low (TCH.LO) and High (TCH.HI). The old Grades field is not visible in Aeries Web and running Force An Update had the potential to replace updated information with old data. 

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