Aeries Revision Notes - 12/8/2017

A version of Aeries was just released with the following:

  • Supplemental Attendance Configuration - This page now includes a time-range to process Supplemental Attendance each day. There is also now the ability to predefine schools, dates, and periods to bypass. Also, this page now allows users with Supplemental Attendance Program admin (ATP) security to update the process. The Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Processing logic will now ensure that a section meets today before processing (i.e. A/B Days or M-W-F classes). Documentation is available here.
  • Security - Many missing tables have been added as "Query Only" security areas so that non-admin users can be given permission to access these tables in Aeries Query. Also, the PIC table could only be queried by admin users - fixed by enabling Read permission to be granted to the Student Pictures security area. Also, only admin users could update the Family Key on the Siblings page - fixed by enabling Update permission to be granted to the Student Siblings Data security area. 
  • Query - The CCC, SCH, and SDT tables could not be queried at all, fixed. Also, the CRS and SEC tables can now be directly joined in Aeries Query to facilitate certain queries when using Alt Ed Scheduling. 
  • Deep Linking to Aeries - Aeries now supports deep linking into Aeries to a specific page and student. This may be useful for custom solutions districts implement and for 3rd party integrations. Directing a user to "/Helpers/SetStudentAndRedirect.aspx?ID={StudentID}&DU={PageName.aspx} will direct that user to that given page and display that given student. This process works even if the user is required to login before accessing Aeries. This process does NOT work for parent and student logins. Click here for more information.
  • Aeries Mobile API - The assignment endpoint now honors the selected term for use in an upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal app version. Also, a new Type (PHL.TY) field was added to the Parent Log table. All Aeries Mobile Portal app activities will be recorded to the Parent Log table with the Type set to "APP". Note: These "APP" Parent Log records will be made available for review in the Aeries System Access Log page and Aeries Query in a future update. 
  • Transcripts - Since the 12/1 version of Aeries the Transcript report, when printed from View All Reports would generate an error if run for all students or all students in a selected grade, fixed. 
  • Prior Year Logins - Logging into a prior year where the APL table was not ID-based would result in an error, fixed. 
  • Daily Present by Section Report - This report wasn't functioning correctly, fixed. Also, missing option have been added for date range, Include Programs, Exclude Programs and Subject Area filter. 
  • Gradebook - The Add/Drop Students process has been modified to correctly handle the situation when a student is in multiple sections with different terms associated with the same gradebook. Previously, the process didn't take into account any future term sections when setting the Student Gradebook End Date, it was using the current term's end date. 
  • System Security - Adjustments have been made to safeguard against malicious inputs from users. 
  • Class Summary - When multiple classes were associated with the same gradebook all of those classes were displaying on a student's Class Summary even when they had different terms, fixed. 
  • Secondary Standards Based Report Card - The Course title was not printing in English when the "English Only" option was selected, fixed. 
  • Career Pathways Dashboard - Courses linked to the current pathway but in a different school were still being displayed in the Student Details section, fixed. 
  • Graduation Status - Since the 12/1 update, waived credits were not being calculated correctly in all cases, fixed. 
  • Individualized Academic Plan - The multi-year course sequence popup was not displaying any information, fixed. 
  • Report Card History and Grade History Letter - These reports were displaying non-English course titles for students with correspondence languages other than English even when the "English Only" option was selected, fixed. 
  • Student Programs - This page was giving an error since the 12/1 version when the PGM table was not ID-based, fixed. 
  • Transcript Printing & Graduation Status Report - These reports were giving an error under certain conditions involving Algebra I pass status and Off Grade Courses, fixed. 

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