Known Issue - Logging into prior-year databases may result in an error - Fixed 12/8/2017

Since the 12/1/2017 version of Aeries, when logging into prior-year databases a user may experience a yellow screen error similar to the screenshot below. This occurs on the home page, and only in databases where the Academic Plan Log (APL) table is school-based. This typically occurs on older prior-year databases, since all new databases created are ID based.

As a workaround, the APL table can be converted to an ID-based table if it contains no data. This can be changed by using the AdminCS Define Student Table Relationships form, or by contacting Aeries Support for assistance. Note: This issue occurs only when logging onto a school, and does not occur when logging into the district.

This issue has been identified by programming and is being fixed immediately. We hope to release this fix with today's update.


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