Known Issue - Waived Courses not counting in Credit Needed - Fixed 12/8/2017

An issue has been discovered with the 12/1/2017 version of Aeries where the Graduation Status summary printed on transcripts, or viewed from the Graduation Status Page, is not calculating Credit Needed accurately for the waived subject area as well as the electives subject area.

Totals are correct when viewing the Graduation Status with the "Show credit details on screen" option checked, or when printing the Graduation Status report.

This issue is a top priority to resolve and is being investigated by programming immediately. When a fix is available this post will be updated.

Thank you!

This issue has been fixed in the version of Aeries released today. Thank you for your patience.

Does this issue affect the new Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard?  Looking at the HSG table it seems like the Needs to Plan field (PLN) doesn't accurately reflect waived credits. 

Yes, this could have potentially affected the new Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard as well.

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