Information - Senate Bill No. 179 New Gender Identity - Nonbinary

The CDE and CALPADS are currently analyzing impact of this change on their systems in regards to reports, SSID requests and multiple identifier (MID) anomalies.  

They will keep Aeries informed of when the change will take place.  Until then, they continue to only accept genders of Male or Female.

For information on the Senate Bill, refer to the following link Senate Bill No. 179

It appears that the Senate Bill has now passed this and needs to be implemented by Sept 1, 2018 for CA.  Could you please inform us when Aeries will be rolling out a new identifier?

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Hi Alexandra, we are planning changes to our system right away. Keep an eye out for updates as things progress. CALPADS is still in the process of making changes to their systems.

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My district is planning on being able to meet the requirements of SB 179 by the beginning of the 18-19 school year.  Will Aeries have a Non-Binary gender option available at the start of 18-19 so that districts can be in compliance.  I assume we would still need to populate the Legal Gender field to be able to post to CalPADS, but having a Non-Binary option on the Demographics screen is really important.

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Hey team,

Can we get an update as to future changes in Aeries regarding SB 179 & when they will be available?

Thanks so much!

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UPDATE - Senate Bill No. 179 New Gender Identity - Nonbinary

Programming has been working on adding a new Gender field (STU.GN) and modifying all pages and reports to use the new field in order to support the new non-binary gender.

The new Gender field should be available in early Fall.

Will you be notifying us when the change is made to AERIES?

Thank you.

Yes! This will be noted in our revision notes once we release the new feature. I'd recommend you "follow" the Aeries Version Revision Notes forum to get email alerts when we post a new update.

Just FYI, this was implemented in Aeries with the 2019-01-30 release.  Support information and documentation available here:

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