Aeries Revision Notes 12/1/2017

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Individualized Academic Plan (New) The new Student Academic Plan screen and related pages have been released. The new academic plan screen displays the plans in a hierarchical way and allows counselors to easily and quickly create individualized plans for students. Schools now can allow Student/Parent Portal users access to this screen for possible modifications, which can be managed in the portal options. Counselors have the ability to accept or reject changes made by students which are displayed on a new Academic Plan Summary widget on the homepage.
Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard The new High School Graduation/College Preparedness Status Dashboard screen displays school-wide rate of students who are on/off track in bar graphs and in total numbers, according to data from their academic plan, transcript data, and currently scheduled classes. This page also allows the users to list and keep the students with a click of a button. Also, a new High School Graduation Status (HSG) table has been added to Aeries storing subject and credit totals for each student. This table gets populated for each student when viewing their graduation status page or for all students in the current school by clicking the calculate button on this new page.
Update Academic Plan Options This is another page added as part of this series of changes to the Academic Plan in Aeries. This page allows schools to mark which courses are available for students to add to their own academic plan through the portal. Portal Options are also available for date ranges when parents/students can update the academic plan.
Query After listing a set of students from Query, a KEEP STUDENTS button is now displayed on the Query Display window allowing the user to quickly keep the list of students displayed. Currently this process resets any existing KEEP statements although this will be enhanced in a future version of Aeries to apply the new KEEP as a nested KEEP.
CALPADS Extracts The SENR ODS reconciliation is now available and has greatly reduced the processing time in comparison to the client version. The system maximum upload size has been increased from 50MB to 100MB to allow uploading large ODS files. Also, the SELA and LTEL imports were not properly validating the file extension of the file being imported, fixed. Additionally, there is new logic in the update process to remove possible commas on the source files from these two imports as they could prevent completing the update. Also, adjusted logic for the SINF extract to avoid error for invalid SSIDs.
CAASPP Export Files This page has been updated for CAASPP 2017-18 according to the Upload Template versions 2017-18_v1.
Student Grades Grades from previous schools in the current year can now be displayed on the Grades page.
District Student Lookup District Student Lookup will now allow searching by new IDN.CID field (State ID).
Classes New A new option has been added to this page allowing users schedule classes for the spring term only. This is similar to a feature in the Aeries Client. Also, the Scheduling Group fields (SG, CG, TM, GP) have been added to the Section Info box. In a simple view, these fields will be in the tooltip when hovering and otherwise will display in the section info section after Teacher Name. Also, if MST View is showing as a popup window inside the page, a new icon has been added to the window for pop-out options.
Create Sections For Next Term This page has been re-activated in Aeries. This process has been changed to be a "long-running process" to avoid a page request timeout error. The user will now receive an email upon the completion of the process. Also, the previously identified problem of creating new sections with the current course instead of next course has been fixed.
Escape HR Custom Import With additional counties and districts having expressed an interest in this feature, the "Sonoma - Escape HR Import" has been renamed to "Escape HR Custom Import" and will now show in the navigation menu for all customers when logged in as an Admin. This feature does require a custom implementation from Escape Technology. Please contact either Aeries Support or Escape Technology for more information.
Student Documents Student and Parent accounts with appropriate permissions can now access the Student Documents page under the "Student Info" navigation tab in the Student/Parent Portal. Also, the "Only Show Current Grade" checkbox will now default to unchecked every time the page is loaded. This should eliminate confusion where many users do not realize an older document exists because the results are limited to the current grade. Also, under certain conditions, users without the appropriate "Administer" permission to Student Documents could modify a DOC record uploaded by another user, fixed.
Apple School Manager Extract This process has been enhanced based on Apple's latest specification. The Students and Staff files now support multiple locations (i.e., schools), and the Classes file now supports additional instructors. This should eliminate errors and issues when students have multiple active enrollments or when teachers teach at more than one school.
Aeries Mobile Portal App Adjustments have been made to Aeries to support upcoming changes to the Aeries Mobile Portal. To allow users of the app in your district to take advantage of these new features, please update Aeries to this version. Changes include Gradebook Last Updated Information, displaying the assignment category on the Course Assignments screen, and additional refinements to the Gradebook Views.
Login Backgrounds Adjustments have been made to remove an image that a district felt could result in an adverse reaction from their employees considering recent local events. This change was made immediately throughout the Aeries customer base through the centralized login background management system for Aeries.
Algebra 1 Graduation Requirement The calculation of this graduation requirement now properly populates the TPS table and is updated with a fresh calculation every time it is displayed throughout Aeries, including on various reports.
Language Assessment The Language Assessment page now supports displaying data from partner districts for shared students. This is a beta feature of Aeries.
Student Special Programs and GATE pages These pages now handle displaying data from partner districts for shared students. This is a beta feature of Aeries.
Student Photo The current student photo can now be deleted from a new Edit button next to the photo on the Demographics page.
Student Information Bar When hovering over the age of a student, the tooltip will now display their age in months.
Create Pre-Enrolled Students Visual improvements and layout changes have been made to this page, especially for smaller screen resolutions.
Medical pages An incorrect health problem (STU.HP) could be displayed when a single student was in multiple schools with different health problems, fixed.
Navigation Fixed issues with Internet Explorer 10 and iPhone 6 Safari, the navigation now shows and works as intended.
Login Page The Login page had the possibility of loading slowly if certain network issues were occurring, fixed.
School Options The Mobile App Settings section was getting cleared out in certain situations, fixed. Also, the OAuth Settings is now hidden from districts in the Aeries Hosting Environment as this is set by Aeries Staff.
Intervention Caseload The Intervention Caseload Manager on the home page would not always displays the Intervention Goals properly, fixed.
Daily Apportionment by Month report This report was not properly formatting the Percent Present on the Month Average since the 11/17 update, fixed.
Hourly Attendance Report The Continuation option now always uses 3 hours max per day. Previously, it was using the value entered for the N Hours Per Day option. Also, visual adjustments have been made to make the report options easier to read.
Gradebook Summary report Long Gradebook names were being cut off, fixed.
Student Demographics When Physical Fitness Testing was enabled along with either Algebra 1 Requirement or CAHSEE in Aeries Variables for Current School, viewing Student Demographics data of a student without a TPS record would generate an error, fixed.

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