Known Issue - Health Problems field not displaying correctly for copied students - Fixed 12/1/2017

It has been reported that the student Health Problems field (STU.HP) displayed at the top of the medical pages sometimes displays as blank or appears not to save properly. This occurs when there are multiple records for the same student (such as one copy of the student in the inactive school, and one copy at a regular school).

This issue does not affect the Health Problems field displayed on the Student Information Bar or anywhere else in the system.

This issue is currently being addressed by programming, and we are planning on shipping a fix for this issue this week.

As a workaround, verifying that this field is set to sync/lock, and turning on the district rule to "Update inactive student records when changes are made to active copies of that student" will avoid this issue.

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This has been fixed as of the 12/1/2017 version of Aeries. Thank you.

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