Aeries Revision Notes 11/9/2017

Page Comment
Navigation Each section of the navigation now has a "tab" look to easily see what section a user is on. Also, the Student search box is now visually distinct from the filter section box, including the use of a student icon for the Student search box. Also, when editing Favorites, there is now a cancel option and editing a long list of favorites now has a scrollbar.
Secondary Standards Based Report Card This report now completely handles being translated to Spanish.
Daily Enrollment Summary By School and Monthly Attendance Summary by School/Wide These reports will now print "TK-3" group instead of "K-3" when TK exists in a school.
Monthly Attendance Summary by School/Wide This report was printing zero totals for records above Grade 12, fixed.
Monthly Attendance Summary by School and Monthly Attendance Summary by School/Wide The Report Footers on these reports were inaccurate when school code and grades combined to form duplicate values (i.e. "School 1, Grade 12" and "School 11, Grade 2"), fixed.
Standards Based Report Cards The option to "Print a border around Explanation of Marks" was not being honored since the 7/28 update, fixed.
Transcripts and Grade History pages These pages will now validate grade marks. The Transcript page also now validates term.
Aeries Mobile Portal App Changes have been made to support the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App.
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