Aeries Revision Notes - 11/3/2017

The following enhancements and fixes were released in today's update:
  • CALPADS Extracts - The Staff Demographics (SDEM), Staff Assignments (SASS), Course Section (CRSE), and Student Course Section (SCSE) for Fall 2 are now available. Click here for CALPADS Fall 2 Reporting Documentation.
  • Import Test Results - The caption for the ACT option has been updated to include the 2017-18 results. No other changes were necessary. Click here for documentation.
  • Staff - Increment Staff Years Process added to Aeries Web. Also, updating the Total Years of Edu Service or the Total Years in this District will now update the Date Years Incremented field. 
  • Attendance Audit Listing report - This report now supports "Report/Query Tagging" students included on this report. Also added a new setting for "Attendance Program for TK as non-ADA" allowing two new messages for "TK Student under 5 Years Old after December 2nd flagged for ADA" and "TK Student 5 Years or older as of December 2nd flagged to bypass ADA". These messages will also appear on the Students and Attendance Enrollment pages after the setting has been saved by running the audit report. Click here for documentation on this report.
  • Supplemental Attendance by Teacher - This page now allows taking attendance for inactive students on days prior to their attendance leave. The page was limited to the logged in teachers first Staff ID, updated to include Teacher staff ID2 and ID3. Opening this page from the Supplemental Attendance Data Sign In button will now open to the selected date, and changing between Sessions will retain the selected date if it exists in both sessions' calendars. 
  • Master Schedule - Master Schedule linking to Supplemental Attendance will now honor the Supplemental Attendance Session dates so that a student does not get enrolled into a session before it starts or after it ends, regardless of their Course Attendance dates. 
  • Supplemental Attendance Class List and Rosters reports - These reports would error when a session included a large number of assigned Staff, fixed by limiting the display to the first 4 teachers. 
  • School Options - The Aeries App URL was not being populated in the Aeries. 
  • Apple School Manager Extract - Extracted files are now sent compressed in a zip file compatible with Apples newest specifications. 
  • Discipline Letter - This letter was not printing if at least one contact was mail-tagged, fixed. 
  • Referrals to Intervention - An error was generating when the user clicked on the "Refer to Intervention" button from a Pre-referral intervention and it had more than one of the same intervention code, fixed. 
  • Report Tagging - In some cases the queries used for Report Tag related listings were failing to filter by users or reports, fixed. 
  • Attendance Enrollment - This page was allowing editing of existing records from the current date to locked dates, fixed. 
  • Period Absence Audit report - This report when sorted by Teacher and Date, will then sort by Period instead of Student Name. Also added a notification label to the top of the report regarding its intent. 
  • Demographics - This page will now prompt to drop classes when inactivating a pre-enrolled student with classes. 
  • District Student Lookup - This page would not print the Immunization reports since the 10/4 update, fixed. 
  • Transcripts - The Transcripts page and report were not properly sorting records when multiple grades were taken in the same year, fixed. Also, the Transcript report would print the prior year for a record if it was taken in a grade above the Transcript Definition High Grade (typically 12), fixed. 
  • School Options - The Portal Account Settings section was not visible to hosted site administrators, fixed. 
  • Gradebook Details - The portal option "Only Show Check Marks for Assignment Scores to Parents and Students" was not being honored, fixed. 
  • Student Grades - Additional logic has been added to ensure teachers can only edit the current mark. 
  • Parent Portal Home - The Student Name has been removed from the homepage title tag for privacy reasons. 
  • Profile and Graduation Requirements - The Algebra and Physical Fitness requirements were always showing in red, even if the requirements were met, fixed. 
  • Aeries Navigation - The side navigation was not auto scrolling to current page when the network connection to was slow, fixed. 
  • Exam Analysis - This page was giving an error since the 10/20 update, fixed. 

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