Aeries Revision Notes 10/20/2017

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Aeries Mobile Portal App Adjustments have been made to support the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App for parents and students. Today's update (10/20/2017) is the minimum version for the Aeries Mobile Portal App to function against.
System Usage Metrics The Aeries Student Information System will now start sending anonymous usage data back to Aeries Software. This information will be used to help improve the system and help to identify trends with system usage and errors.
Login New login backgrounds have been added and picture information has been added to ones that were missing. Also, Aeries Software staff now have the ability to override planned images for any instance of Aeries without needing to distribute an update to Aeries.
LoginBackgroundPreview.aspx This is a new page in the system. There is no navigational link to it in the system, but the page can be requested directly to see all the login background images and when they are triggered to start.
SELA Conflict Report This report is now available from View All Reports and offers the same options as the client version. Also, a validation for STU.LF = "RFEP" and LAC.EAC = "EL" has been added.
CALPADS Extracts The Direct Certification Import has been re-enabled. The Direct Certification process and SPRG Extract have been adjusted with new logic for Reduced (code 182) records. There is now a one-time fix that will take care of possible inconsistencies that may have been caused by importing the direct certification file with the previous version. Also, on the SPRG extract, special education records (code 144) will not be closed anymore based on the enrollment exit date. Also, the SPRG extract has been modified so there can be multiple 504 - FOF table (code 101) program records. On the SINF extract, the missing Ethnicity Indicator was being populated incorrectly in some cases, fixed. The LTEL import could give an error if the data being imported contains commas, fixed.
Aeries Communications The Single Sign On to the Aeries Communications area now supports when the "Block 3rd Party Cookies" setting in a browser is set. This was recently enabled by default on many browsers including Safari. Also, Aeries Communication System user IDs are no longer cached in the Aeries database. They are now looked up every time. This will make sure that users are always mapped to the correct account in the Aeries Communications system.
Class Summary When a teacher adds or links a Google Classroom class, the adding of students to that class runs in the background, increasing performance for the teacher. A follow up email is then sent detailing which students were successfully added and if there were any errors.
Google Integration Adding a new student account could fail if part of the Org Unit structure was missing in Google. Now those org units are created on the fly. Also, logic has been added to honor the default Google API quotas which will increase performance by avoiding errors caused by rate limiting. Also, visiting the Google Apps for Edu config page in a sandbox copy of a database had the potential to automatically create an additional nightly sync process pointing to that sandbox copy. Now, the nightly sync processes will only be created when the user actively enables the option. Also, using Internet Explorer would sometimes display a JavaScript error on the Google Apps for Edu config page, fixed.
Gradebook Scores by Assignment The check for Google Classroom support now happens in the background. This method will improve page load times for the teacher when Google is not able to be reached for some reason. Also, Google Classroom assignments to import are now sorted by most recent Due Date.
Classes New This page now displays information from all schools a student has attended this school year. It also handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).
Immunizations This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).
Monthly Attendance Summary report This report now allows a "Page Break on School" option that will allow the report to print each school's information on separate pages, similar to when running from a school. Also adjusted the report footer to align with the fields above it and removed the unnecessary duplicate footer for grade totals when run for a secondary school.
Mass Change Section Numbers and Scheduling Mass Change Section Numbers These pages have been adjusted to have a cleaner look.
Sonoma County's Escape HR Integration In cases where multiple Aeries schools share the same CDS school code, the matching logic has been improved to assign the staff member to the correct Aeries school based on an analysis of Teacher (TCH) records matching the staff ID. This should greatly reduce the number of staff records that are assigned to the incorrect Aeries school during the import process. If other counties or districts are interested in a similar integration with the Escape HR System, please contact Aeries support.
OneRoster API The "user.sourcedid" field was being populated with the wrong value, fixed. Also, gradebook assignments generated through the OneRoster API now have new default values so that "Grading Completed" is OFF and the Assignment and Scores Visible to Parents and Students options are ON.
Test Scores and Test Exclusions These pages now allow 8-character Test IDs (TST.ID and TEX.ID) to match the Testing Control Table (CTL.ID). The Records Transfer Test table has also been updated (RT_TST.ID).
Online Help Support has been added to enable specific help links when running specific reports.
Navigation Reports will now filter on "metadata" populated on various reports.
Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Process This process had the potential to mark a student absent if the student checked out of a session within a minute and then checked in to another session, fixed.
Schedule Master When changing a Course ID on a section and using the "Drop All Students" option, SSS records were being deleted instead of just having the SSS.SE field blanked out, fixed. Also, the Copy Section method was not working properly, fixed. Also, the student list was not displaying the Language Fluency field properly, fixed.
Master Schedule The Copy Section method was not working properly in all situations, fixed.
SMS Board When changing a Course ID on a section and using the "Drop All Students" option, SSS records were being deleted instead of just having the SSS.SE field blanked out, fixed. Also, the Copy Section process was not including recently added SMS fields (USA and SCL), fixed.
Course Requests This page would generate an error if a student had more than 30 course requests, fixed.
Courses The CBEDS search function has been enhanced to not cause a page refresh. Also, selecting a course from the selection grid will no longer refresh the whole page. Also, after adding a new record or copying one, the newly added course will be selected in the grid.
Career Pathways Dashboard Under certain circumstances the selected courses were not being properly honored, fixed.
Student Profile Career Pathway Widget - The Student Profile would generate an error since the 10/4/2017 version if the HIS table was not "ID-Based" or if the student had an invalid Career Pathway Code, fixed.
Immunization Status Report This report now supports TK and PS grade levels.
Teachers The HI and LO Grades dropdown fields on this page were pulling from the wrong datasource, fixed.
Send Emails Some grammar adjustments have been made to this page.
System Emailing Emails from the Aeries Reporting Service would fail to send if TLS was enabled without Authentication, fixed.
Students with Unverified Absences/Period Absences reports These reports were printing duplicate date lines for students with delete-tagged Contact records. There was also an overlap of the student numbers and names in some cases. Both problems are now fixed.
Grades By Teacher This page would generate an error if the current school did not have a GRP record, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance Report This report would over-report the Total Days when multiple check-ins occurred on the same day for a student and the Attendance Units was set to "Days", fixed. Also, the report would not run when a Session Name included an apostrophe, fixed.
Demographics When saving, student names containing apostrophes were becoming two apostrophes, fixed. Also, the Race And Ethnicity Fields now always show in read only view, even if they are not populated. Additional visual updates and hover descriptions for codes have been added.
Favorites Adding Some reports to Favorites caused an issue where the title of the favorite was incorrect, fixed.
Attendance Switching between schools would sometimes carry over the set of locked months from the previous school to the new school, fixed.
Changing Years In some cases, when viewing student data and switching school years the student information would change in the Student Information Bar to the student in the new school year, but the related data would be for the student in the prior school year, fixed.
Attendance Notes Under some situations this page would generate a JavaScript error due to file caching by the browser, causing the code dropdown to be empty, fixed.
School Information This page had 2 title bars being displayed, fixed.
Grades Students with no GRD records could not have a record manually added, fixed.
Records Transfer Request A Red Flag can now be added to the Records Transfer page for a student.
Analytics System Configuration The label indicating that the system is "Updating Indicators Nightly" now shows in the correct color.
Referrals to Intervention Approval Various visual issues have been fixed when screens are smaller or zoomed in.
Special Programs 190 Foster now Highlights the Eligibility Dates.
Event Calendar Calendar items with an End Date or Time without a Start Date or Time would generate an error, fixed.
Assertive Discipline When using a lower monitor resolution, the Add New Administrative Action popup will now display better.
District Assets Fixed visual issues, including fonts.

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The Aeries App was originally slated for Pre-17/18 school year.  Then I heard it was going to be released in conjunction with the October Conference.  What's the latest ETA?  I don't care so much about the Aeries app at large, but feel the Loop/Communication App UI is key to the success of using Aeries Communication in our district and since we have been delaying the roll out of Aeries Communication am eager to know if the app will be available soon.

An email is being sent out to district contacts today letting them know important information related to the rollout of the Aeries Mobile Portal app. The email will mention a release date of November 14th.

Actually, looks like it may be even sooner...on November 10.

That's great! Very much anticipating this app as it will make Aeries Portal and Communications much easier for Parents and Students!

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