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Where are all the Screenshots with Table/Code Overlays

Once upon a time, Aries did a really brilliant thing - anytime you were on a page in Aries, you could click the "?" in the top right and the first help page you would get about the page would also have a screenshot of that page and an overlay of what table code each field represented.  This was very helpful, especially when trying to figure out queries.

Some pages in Aeries still have this but a growing # do not.  I tried to search for maybe a page that had them all, but nothing came up in search results. This was a very helpful thing that seems to be nowhere to be found for some pages now. 

Does anyone know where this info is hidden in Aeries help? Specifically right now I'm looking for the Special Education Aeries Page Printscreen with the Table Code overlay.

Aeries is starting to add them to the new support site here

You can also still find them here as well

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We are also in the process of transitioning our documentation over to Freshdesk, and in addition, we are updating our tables and fields screenshots so please note some may show the Old UI. On various articles you will find a Related Tables and Fields link, however during our transition, some may be available on our old help website.

Also, all tables and fields and screenshots may be viewed here.

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Thanks! Those are helpful links. I thought there was one page that had them all but couldn't find it using search. I'm all set now!

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