Known Issue - Pixelation in Google Chrome - Fixed

Although this is not an Aeries Software specific bug, we wanted to make you aware of an issue some users have been experiencing with Google Chrome. Under some circumstances and depending on video card hardware, certain pages within Aeries may appear to have pixelated fragments displayed when using the latest version of Google Chrome (version 61). This is most noticeable on the Attendance by Photo (New) page, however, it has been reported on other pages too such as Demographics, School Options, and Standard Based Report Card Templates. See screenshot below as an example.


We believe this has been fixed with Google Chrome version 63, which should be released to the public later this calendar year.

In the meantime, a workaround is to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome. This can be done by going to Settings within Chrome and typing "hardware" in the search box, then turn off the option to "Use hardware acceleration when available ". Only some computers will experience this issue, and it is advised to turn off hardware acceleration only if you experience issues. This is a visual annoyance only and does not impact data or functionality.


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It appears that Google has fixed this issue with Google Chrome version 62.0.3202.75 or later. The workaround is no longer necessary.

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